Anybody else notice a drop in attack power of divine dragons?

I was at 641,000 ap on chimerak, just noticed it dropped to 480,000 , and yes the boost is activated. Also noticed every other divine lost AP… Equestor dried from 413,000 to 367,000, leos dropped too…

Can’t say that I have. Someone had asked me a few days ago what AP my den capped emerald aib was and I responded 118.7 mil a few days ago. Upon reading your post I checked again and it’s the same number (boosted).

Did you remove a rider or dust some runes from your dragons?

Unless the damage was reduced attack power is pretty meaningless.

Nope the ones I used today seemed fine

Yeeeah! Me too!! I used to kill bases much easier :confused:

Same…wondering why a level 9 leos has almost double the attack power of a level 10 Chimerak :thinking:

After a day the numbers went back to what they are before. Seems to be a thing. Noticed it on wifes account too. Every so often you get a day where your dragons numbers drop then after saying something they go back up… Fishy.

so long as health and damage/sec is not changed, Attack Power is pretty meaningless to me.
Dragon Rider changes it so only thing that could lower it down would be boost.
You can try to record the health and damage/sec that your dragon has.

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