Anybody have Terris & the armor fully equipped?

I would like a screenshot of the veteran rider’s complete armor equipped. for science :eyes:

thanks in advance


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maybe this will assist you, sure wish they had a decent fire hunter to use the rider on :grin:

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35.8% attack & 36% hp :flushed:

That’s twice as strong as the other riders!
The element should have been universal :roll_eyes:

this is great!!! how did you get your Terris to be green??
Also can you screen shot me the Rider info, showing me the Armor he has equipped?! like this for example

thank you

The armor maybe is green

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This is perfect. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much!! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Check out this vid from Zadei

and the atlas give 80% :joy:

I think it is a nice deal with this rider since it literally takes forever to get a full set max legendary gear. To get one piece is also difficult.

Yeah I’ve heard :joy: It really doesn’t get more stupid then a rider giving an 80% boost!

Both 30% boost make a dragon basically a tier higher a rider giving 80% is crazy

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It technically is universal until a specific element(e.g. dark, fire, etc)rider gear is equipped on to the rider.

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