Anybody make a time machine?

Long shot but thought maybe someone here is smart enough and has it figured out. Ideally I’d like a trip to 1994 but would settle for anything pre 9/11. One way trip. Looking to do this as soon as possible. Please pm with information.

Will make this worth your time. :+1:

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I don’t think we’ve cracked that one quite yet, but IIRC, we’ve been able to teleport very tiny things (I’m talking molecules) across distances. Don’t quote me on that, though… :t_rex:

I sent you a PM with the details of what I charge.

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Does it matter if I actually do it, or if I only make you think it actually happened?


1994? You’re trying to invest in Microsoft or Apple???

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you need to invent a machine to travel into the movie first. I know a green rock can help you to manipulate time in those movie. You just need to grap that rock and not only 9/11 but half of the universe will be saved

1994, interesting choice. Something tells me you, or someone you know, did something they regret doing/not doing…there is a story here…

I hear Musk or whatever his name is is working on lots of stuff, chances are he can do the time travel - gotta be how he gets his money for all his crazy ideas…

Maybe he wants to go back and warn himself about them parachute pants. :thinking:

As long as you pre pay with a money order that doesn’t look like the ones I can print at home sent to my P.O. box in a coffee can wrapped in 4 rolls of duct tape then I’ll send you details where to meet as soon as I confirm payment.

P.S. If you’re from Colorado add the things that require a coffee can.

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The DeLorean is in the workshop. Sorry.

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