Anymore dragons this season? 😁

Will there be anymore dragons coming out this season? :tulip:

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They said no.

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Oh, I was hoping for the discount prizes. :disappointed:

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I’m guessing your talking about divine dragons

Because there was mention that new harbingers may drop before end of season

Yup divines. Still in sap here so harbs are years away :sweat_smile:

Do you mean season dragons or tier dragons? I’m happy to check and share what details I can.

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Can we see about both? Or do we have to pick :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

We already know about the Springveil drags. I think most people want to know when next wave of Harbingers will appear.

Ah, tier. Well, I can look into that on Monday when I’m in the office and can make sure I’m not spilling beans that should remain unspilled. (Assuming there are even beans to spill.)

But like LX said coffee or someone on stream answered about season dragons on stream

Sure, but not everyone watches the streams so I like to clarify before I run off and look into something. Few things are more annoying than doing research, coming back, and having someone say β€œI meant the other thing”.


Thanks Jared :hugs:

It’s just between us, brah. I won’t tell anybody.

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New information about a new bonus divine this season ?

Nopes no more new divine season dragons this time.

The problem is PG is not reliable… last season he told no bonus dragon, and Kirin was appeared. I think I will wait yet before to use my sigils LOL

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