Anyone else experiencing graphics freezes during battle?

All of a sudden, approximately 1-2 days ago, I began experiencing nasty freezes during battle. Everything just stops, projectiles stationary in mid air, wings not flapping - no movement at all on screen. Lasts 2-3 seconds typically, and up to 6 seconds in the worst. Once it unfreezes the battle continues.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Uninstalling and reinstalling the game did not help.


YEP - constantly.

EDIT: This is on my main account, wifi and data, iPhone 8 plus, current update.


Yeah, but for longer times than 2-3 seconds lol had to lose a multiplier force quitting after sitting there for 2-3 MINUTES a day or 2 ago. My shit was already bad the update made it much worse.

I also have to join a fight IMMEDIATELY to have a chance at getting in without losing connection.

I thought the multiplier won’t be used if the exp screen is missing…

Same Note 8. data and WiFi. Backing or backup and with defenders, unplayable

It’s bad… Iphone 7 Plus, everything up to date.

it’s minor freezing when doing xp runs in Atlas on mines, but fighting a live base, with defenders… it freezes for long periods
of 1-5 seconds (Not the waiting for people to load into the game)

Gold multiplier sorry. First world problems there I know

If we are talking about Atlas, its been freezing since I got Atlas (since Beta).
If we are talking about the main game, its been freezing since :thinking: I started playing it 3 years ago…
And here I am I thought it is normal… :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

Using IpadMini2

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Normal for me unfortunately :man_shrugging:

I think there is some confusion because there are multiple different kinds of freezing, lag, and general slowness, some of which have been around this game since day 1.

My OP was about a new kind of freezing that I had not been experiencing until 1-2 days ago.

Anyone else notice anything NEW in that department recently?

Same here my freezes are about 1-3 minutes. I play on an iPhone 6 latest iOS

That’s your answer. Even my ipad mini4 has its freezing times, but mini 2 is slower processor and less RAM. Its not hard to imagine.

Yep very annoying!

Freezing during flying, glitches to base, everything!
I never before would ever crash and now all the sudden games crashing all the time! :rage:

I don’t think it’s just the iPad thing.
I’m on Iphone have never had this problem before but now it’s bad!

for me, game was freezing and crashing for past 2 weeks. I updated to iOS 11.3.1 and its fine now.
But then lag during atlas on my alt is very much an issue for me.
But when i showed video of atlas attack to my teammates, they didn’t think it was significant. But for me, difference between atlas attacks and normal attacks is huge.

:thinking: if thats the case then I should have not bought my Ipad Mini2, 3 years ago…
Guess I should be buying a new phone whiith higher RAM and processor :thinking:

… or not… I’ll rather stop playing the game when the lags becomes too unbearable… :man_shrugging:



lol idk about 3 years ago. currently it sucks :man_shrugging:
I would rather stop myself rather than buying new device just for game as well :rofl:

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