Anyone else getting rubies instead of chests?

Looks like Galvanic Overload is fixed (and hopefully other spells) but rubies are dropping on monuments… Anyone else?

I’m getting chests :woman_shrugging:

K… I’ll reload… ty!

Easiest way is usually to reinstall based upon previous threads, if a hard restart doesn’t work; make sure that you remember your PocketID. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to poke support.


I have the same problem but I’m too lazy to reinstall and I’m trying to decide if I like rubies better :laughing:

Get to g rubies too

Rubies for me too.
I would prefer chests though.

More exiting to open , and I’m desperate for healpots. :sweat_smile:

I reinstalled… didn’t want to… but it works now.

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I’m getting rubies too.
I tried uninstalling the game, rebooting the device and reinstalling it. Still rubies. I tried switching language. Still rubies. They told me to reboot the device. Still rubies.
I hope they fix this :woman_shrugging:
I have received no chests at all yet :frowning:

An uninstall is apparently supposed to fix this but if it doesn’t, that’s really odd. I’m not having an issue myself but just wait or keep trying stuff, I don’t know :man_shrugging: I just tend to press every button I see until something changes. Don’t take that advice, actually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My brain is telling me “If you reset your device to factory settings and then reinstall the game maybe it will work”… But I really don’t want to try that.
And lol pressing every button until something happens doesn’t seem the greatest idea :joy:

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I got chests after uninstall/reinstall, but now the app freezes every 10-15 minutes.

I had the ruby issue too. Reinstalling worked for me. Not sure if I like getting chests or rubies better though, but it’s too late now lol

Chests are dropping faster… plus the sigils right now…

This magically fixed itself for me without a restart or uninstall.

I was still getting rubies as of last night. Both in Atlas and the “core” game. I haven’t flown yet today.
I did force stop and clear the cache.
I did reboot.
I did not reinstall the game. This parameter should not be affected by a reinstall (what is and what should be are not always the same–but I would prefer to avoid a reinstall if I can).

I will update with my results when I fly later today.

I only had luck clearing data and cache then uninstall / reinstall.

Game very laggy but think it’s the update more than anything.

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Agree with you… wanted to avoid reinstall… but it worked. The game freezes alot now though.

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Is yours really bad when someone joins (either run or defense)? I am having a hard time even using my multipliers but my internet checks out fine. In excess of 48 Mbps

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I’m usually the slow one on joins, but no. It freezes in mid battle, or when you change screens like to atlas or a building etc.

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