Anyone else got a survey request asking how likely you would recommend War Dragons to friends? 👀

If yes, how did you respond?

My response was not likely at all. And commented that the game was too expensive to get to relatively competitive.

Poor game, I do love the game but it is not really worth loving :pensive:


I did mine a few days back. Gave the same feed back. I went strict E2P when PG took the 30% timers out of Atlas events.

Whenever I fall N-2 tiers behind as E2P is when I retire. Cats and all.

Edit. Anyone can read my friend’s experience with the game here. WD: Checking into hospice. The long slow sleep So no, I can’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t quite independently wealthy.


I would still recommend it. But I tell people that at this point just play and have fun because if you want to be competitive you’ll be spending a lot of money


I got one of those a month or two ago. And yeah, I gave about the same response.

Between the power imbalances, and the spiraling costs, and the ever-more-distant endgame, none of which PG seems interested in addressing, the amount of fun I’m having is waning. Hell, there have been a few changes that almost made me quit, and PG has stood behind them anyway.

And worse still, as problematic as I find it, it’s a serious nightmare for new players, who find themselves with a completely unreachable endgame, no competition at their own level, and the choice between staying on dead teams or fighting against teams with players 400 levels above them.

If I had found this game today, I would have quit long before I got my first divine dragon.


How many timers were there? I’m level 96 and just joined a platinum atlas team two months ago and was unaware that the amount of speedups has been shifted…

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30% less. First week of April Version 4.97 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

Imagine a new player who gets into a good clan and Atlas. Some rando 200 - 400 levels above him glory snipes his Prim and the new guy gets 30% perma troop loss and the sniper walks away with 100% glory. Who in their right mind would start tossing tens of thousands of dollars at that problem or would the smart ones leave forever?


A few months ago, my team got tired of being one of the only ones in Plat without Atlas, so we took over an Atlas team. And now? Even players who’ve been playing the game for years are having the experience you describe.

Because a team 800 ranks above us will tear through one of our castles, or a castleless player will do little 3k sniping raids. It’s pretty [CENSORED] discouraging, especially for our players who can’t afford to suffer those kind of losses on a daily basis, and are left with the choice between hiding in a neutral zone or having no troops to participate with.

And that’s without getting into the nightmare politics, of who you can or can’t hit, or the fact that you can’t fight another Plat team without players from Sapphire and Diamond getting involved.

…none of which are problems that PG seems the least bit interested in resolving - probably due in part to the players who already have that established power, and whose responses tend to range from “then you shouldn’t have castles/Atlas/a team” to “git gud.”

Edit: Gotta love overzealous flagging.


I think I gave it a 5/10, and mentioned the inability to compete with ungeared non-Atlas accounts.

I actually don’t want Atlas, just want gear so I can be on an equal footing in PVPs.

We had this exact situation the other day. After joining our atlas team spending two weeks getting mauled by higher level players in atlas they basically said if that’s all there is I’m done with the game and left.

And so another newish player bites the dust.


You can craft it now. But I see what you’re saying. I’m sure it takes forever to try and save up shards to craft/level gear without atlas.

My non-Atlas alts still haven’t acquired enough to craft one piece of gear. Have 40 scrolls, which theoretically will get me one pair of boots, but I don’t have enough of the secondary element. Meanwhile my main has 6-7 sets of full legendary (leveled to various degrees).

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PG logic: New players are going to spend :moneybag: to get revenge :fire:
Reality: I quit :rofl:


I don’t know if I’d recommend it tbh, i just don’t realistically see anyone sticking with this game long enough. I’ve been on over 3 years and in obsidian. Imo the last fun tier. In truth I haven’t actually had “fun” in this game since I got Apophet in sapphire and when I first got Neptus. I was also excited when they released obsidian originally even tho I knew I wouldn’t have them for a long time. I knew I wanted noctua even before I knew how good he was, just thought he was a cool dragon and I wanted hedwig lol. I just haven’t seen another tier I’ve been excited about.

All the changes since then have been more negative than positive for this game lasting. It’s rough when you have to go through garnet and emerald as basically breeding tiers to get another decent dragon through lineage, and lately only mythics have been viable, legendaries have kinda been meh. It’s not exciting unless non mythics are exciting. I am a little more excited for fall season, new invoker looks amazing, I just hope his potential matches his looks. And hopefully the new mythic hunter is good. Long gone are the days of Spindra and Necryx


Got the survey a month or so ago and I said I wouldn’t recommend it at all due to all the issues stated above. I have a baby alt and I have to say, it’s not enjoyable training it up at all.

I have people who see me playing WD coming up to ask me what the game is, and while I will show them how the game works, I end it with “Don’t download it though. It’s not fun for new players” even though I do love the game :woman_shrugging:


I started an alt very soon after my main. I’m used to having lots of alts in games like World of Warcraft, Clash of Clans, Diablo, etc. My WD alt is dead to me. I refuse to level it. I’m very sorry I spent on Elite for a few weeks on it early on. I would delete the thing if I didn’t need it to collect stats on events and the off chance I need an alternate voice here on the forums. :slight_smile:

I did some mental math so don’t hold an old geezer to high standards, but 1 out of 4 players (D1 - P4) took the time to voice an opinion on Abysmal. I’d say they matter more than anyone putzing around in Gold - Bronze. I don’t think they are recommending the game to anyone.

I just showed them the store, and let them decide themselves…


that hits harder when its shown in idr :joy:


I have two F2P alts on a Gold non-Atlas team. They are at the same level (Sapphire), and it has been difficult - but doable as they are able to back each other. Really, really could use official xp bases based on invaders - the current ones don’t always match my level/ability. I fill my bookmarks with long easy bases - still plenty out there up in the low 200s - but sometimes I get responses from people who don’t like being hit for xp. But honestly, if I didn’t have the alt for instantly available backup, it would be really discouraging.

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