Anyone else have Moongfang & Grogg rider & looks deformed

It’s as if grogg is just floating in mid air, is this the way it’s supposed to be?ill see if I can attach a picture

It looks right. Can’t see very well from the pictures however.

Im pretty sure moonfang actually gets bigger at obsidian and groog is only positioned to look seated on Moonfang once he is in his final phase.

Riders have to be pretty magical to stay on a dragon anyway… so maybe Grogg is in training?
Moonfang does start a bit scrawny before becoming a hulking werewolf-type thing in its final form - don’t want to impale Grogg on the spikes either. On Kinnarus, the riders sit closer to the hip bone :smiley:

Yeah with my other divines I have no problems I have a level 50 grogg Maxed out. But you’re all right I’m only platinum with moonfang level 28 he’s not maxed yet so probably then he will sit properly. Thanks for the replies everyone. I just wasn’t sure if I didnt ask others

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