Anyone else have this much trouble loading Atlas?

Hey all! Guess I’m just wondering if this is pretty common… while it’s a pretty minor inconvenience, it does get quite annoying lol.

When I click atlas it sits on this load screen for a minute, goes up to 519 files and then freezes

I then restart the app, click atlas again, then it sits on this screen for a while:

At which point, the app either force closes itself, or lets me into atlas and works fine. You never know what it’s going to be, but it usually takes me a few restarts to be able to get into it :woman_shrugging:
Edit: I should mention this has been happening for a while now

Is this a byproduct of freshly baked reinstall?


You should just wait at 519 until it’s finished. Takes a while.

Yeah the 520th file takes more time than 1-519 combined lol. Chances are it’s not freezing it’s just being slow

Are you by chance on iOS with a device that has mostly full memory?

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:flushed: iOS too?
I used to have it once in a while, Android.

iOS has a “feature” that cleans up what it deems extra app files if your storage is past a certain threshold. It likes to delete like all the WD graphics files and Atlas ones. You can’t turn it off either lol only way to get it to stop is to free up space

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:see_no_evil: Sounds bad when we’re failed to maintain free space.

Oh that actually makes sense, yeah my storage is nearly full. I’ll try clearing some stuff, thanks for the suggestion

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