Anyone else having problems with kingpins?

No gold, no glory, no sign that dragon even attacked except for cooldown timer… anyone else?

Put in a ticket… didn’t get auto response yet…

Same here. Only xp gain.
No shards, No gold No points.
Also prizes Dont have good amount of Rider Shards. Should have more when you commit to kill the troops permanently. :man_facepalming:

Same here

Even Worse,
Egg Mission, destroying Cannons, completed with KingPin (no gold no glory).
Now I get a Sync Error and game restart every time I claim my Egg Tokens.

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Same issues here. Do you need the new update for the event to start working maybe?

The issue seems to stem from the removal of the ability to move directly onto poachers/mines

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That seems unlikely. Why would Pg doing something asinine cause unintended consequences? Sounds like FAKE NEWS

Was wondering about that…

Broken here too. And hats for troops won’t refill either.

Are you hitting the KingPins, with enough troops?

We’ve identified the issue and are testing the fix internally at the moment. Once we’ve confirmed that all is functioning as intended, we can deploy the hotfix.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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excuse my previous comment…that’s what happens when one plays game, before morning coffee.

I don’t believe it is completely fixed, exp is not counting toward my rider, only prime.

Please double check that. I just did.
The battle results don’t display the G earned (that’s a bug), but if you check the rider before and after, the points are there for me.

@PGDave or @PGEggToken did you guys make changes to this event? Seems like I am using less troops per attack therefore less glory and even though they look like kingpins and when tapped on it says “kingpin,” some of them are not awarding glory only shards and gold.

I know you’re wanting an answer from PG, but since they’re still asleep, I’ll have a crack.
The KingPin is based on the Region Level.
Safe Zone kills 50 Troops
Lvl 2 = 150
Lvl 3 = 250
Lvl 4 = 400
and I don’t have a level 5 castle :rofl:

And as per my post above, check the points on the Primarch and/or Rider before and after. You’re most likely getting points, but its a visual bug in the attach results page, not displaying the G your earning.


No. They’re not giving any return

In order to help PG, are you able to show before and after screen shots?

For me, I am getting loot and all but I cannot Attack some of the kingpins, even if I am in the same zone as them or even right next to them. Did I miss something?