Anyone else having problems with kingpins?


You’ll need to give me more. What zones can you not attack?
If you’re in a region which is owned by another team, and they have Primarch’s on their castle, it’s locked down by them. And by you being their, you’re locking them out from attacking the KingPin in their own region, which is generally discouraged.


See below.


I am in safe zone, as low level player from platinum team I would be destroyed by any random sapphire/diamond player :p.


Thank you I feel like last time the event ran I killed more troops per attack. Actually, i know I have… I remember 1 time I killed 300-400 troops in 1 attack :thinking:


PvP is disabled for a few more hours, go explore :smiley:
But I don’t know why you’re unable to attack a KingPin in a safe zone.
Possibly, its on the boarder, and actually belongs to the neighbouring region, and you need to move over one to attack it?


Now you’re testing my memory.
I think you’re right, 400 sticks out in my mind… but can’t fully recall.


The troops escalate.

Speaking for safe zone.

They go like this.

100 guards to kill

Each player can only hit each kingpin 10 times

To get higher team points you may need other teammates to hit the same kingpin

Your troop losses are always 50% of the guards that you killed. Glory I’m not exactly sure what they are doing but it’s close to 132% with 5 flames (normal battle is 75% in a best case scenario)

I have no idea how it changes on larger lands

Using it for glory that’s all you need.

If you are trying to win team VP it’s all
Explained in the details page by clicking on the little info buttons. There are currently 6

Essentially your team VP is generated from what happens when the kingpin finishes. Your team has glory, which generates your glory rank (combined with the elite kingpin 2x multiplier) and then you have a control multiplier that is applied to points based on rank. (Control is just the percentage of how long you kept the gold star, which sits on the team that hit it last)

So it’s possible to get the highest score on a single kingpin by simply hitting it once if nobody else ever hits it. Max score is 1000 points per kingpin if which you can work on many. (That’s 1st rank and 100% control)


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