Anyone else having this problem in event?


Yeah, it happens every event. It will tell you that you have several more prizes than you actually have. Not sure if/when they will ever fix it.

Yes, but it usually only shows one extra for me and if I exit the event and return a little later it no longer shows…guessing it’s a sync issue.

I’ve had up into the teens there before.

How about this one?
This one pops up every after 2-3 event runs.
Support says to do the “quick fix” which I did before I submitted the problem. Then he wants me too change the language. What next? Uninstall and install?
Maybe they should check their servers or codes or anything on their end before anything else? :man_shrugging:

Yep, again the points tiers are absurdly screwed up. Still at point levels when the bonus meter was a thing. Another useless event with achievements unachieveable unless you buy the mega coins.


The points and rewards are ridiculous…it makes me want to shut off the game and go read a book …PG is just huge fun stopper lately this game was so fun at one time not any more same stupid events rewards are at the same points levels as when the bonus meter wasn’t in play if I remember last time they ran it very few maybe 10% of the total players in game finished the rewards but instead of fixing it it’s just the same this time . Wake up PG this game is dying …

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LOL…I bought 100 energy and got fed up half way through and closed the game.

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Currently less than 500 people in game have even hit the 450 sigil mark let alone the very few that have maxed the prizes.

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