Anyone else having trouble claiming their atlas event rewards?



Seriously.! I’ve tried fkn everything! It will not let me claim them… And yes I sent a ticket in to pg over 2 days ago and they haven’t even gotten back at me let alone helped in any way…:unamused:


dont claim too fast cuz it will cause issue on sever


How so?


I always have to go in and out of the prize page or even atlas to claim all my prizes. But always at some point get an error and have to restart the game completely. Takes some time and a lot of grumbling, but eventually I get them all. 1or 2 at a time

Just exit the screen when u see it acting stupid and go back in.

Seems to be the same for the event prizes this time as well.


Mine is exactly the same! Lots of sync errors and restarting the game even claiming them slow. Usually takes me a few restarts of the game. What’s most frustrating is having one say it’s been claimed, then going back in to find that the server didn’t update or something and it in fact was NOT claimed. I often wonder if I’m not in game for the short amount of time between atlas events if I’m actually getting all my prizes or if there are some I’ve “not claimed” and miss out on. Would be lovely if there was someway the atlas team would help claiming prizes be more a fun and exciting thing, vs another “oh here we go again” process :hugs: lol


Same here. I can’t claim the prize too. My ticket no. 1430602 sent them since 10-27-61. Still pending. Have 2 reply from staff and they are keep quite for 2 days after event end. They are not take any action even I have to follow everyday. No reply nothing at all.


For now they’ve already compensate to me. Thx all of them staff.:blush::hibiscus::blossom:


Yeah well that wasn’t the issue for me… Somehow the interface was all fucked up where the shard icons as well as the numbers for the amount of shards overlapped my claim button making it impossible to actually claim no matter how much I click on it…

Luckily after being forced to log my account into 2 different old phones I was finally able to claim them WITH NO HELP FROM PG WHAT SO EVER! The “tech support” (more like automated responses) were useless they took days to get back to me and when they finally did, it was the same automated response as before! It didn’t do shiet to help so thx for nothing pg!


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