Anyone else notice an inexplicable drop in base defense power after Fort ended?

So, the old base defense power question yet again. Its been discussed before, of course. I know that it is normal for it to vary a little bit from day to day without any changes to your base, and I know that you have to put something in storage and take it back out again to “refresh” the DP after making changes to your base or applying boosts. This post is not about either of those things.

Last night after fort ended I went to bed with 24M DP on my base (which was refreshed using the storage method). This morning woke up to 20M DP. The random variation is usually only +/- 2% or so, not a 15% drop.

Did anyone else notice a significant drop after Fort ended? Did they nerf something and not tell us?

Drakearck yesterday and also Dragons power during attatack on other bases.!!!

maybe boost was over?
I checked and my boost expired :see_no_evil:

Nope, I always keep 10+ days on my kill island, and I don’t bother to boost the other islands ever.

Mine is the same now as at end of fort.

I’ve never seen it :see_no_evil:.
What’s more important to me is how many dragons are killed by me base when defended…

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Mine is the same 🤷

Mine dropped slightly, but that’s due to pulling Icicle off the perch so I could get some xp in him so he could eat more during feed event and replaced him with kelvin for the time being :man_shrugging:t3:


Doh! I just figured it out. I did change my perch dragon. Forgot about that. I stuck chunk on the perch to see if it causes the perch to be able to be fed wood (it doesnt) and I had to wait a day to change back out to my normal perch dragon.

That explains the drop. :slight_smile:

Thanks Lutrus!


Haha! I remember that post too!

Now mark your or my post as a solution please :smiley:


Always. :eyes: be ever vigilant.

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