Anyone else unhappy with the changes to Xp and defense change in Atlas?

Send PG your opinion, not worth added Xp if you can’t solo it!


Im stoked about it! Even if i need 2 dragons, they both still get more xp than they did before. I have no problem with it…


nope! 100% for it! I can lvl my drags 3 times faster, why are you complaining? ask somebody to follow, if you cant find anybody to follow, find a new team!


I love it.

Tbh there is some weird stuff going on with the scaling. But this is better than either not getting more xp or beating the daylights out of certain high level players who may or many not want to be used as xp bases

Just saying, when you are a level 150 and defense jumps from 7M to 11.4M, seems crazy. The little Xp gained from 2 days ago in Atlas, is not comparable, when it takes 2 dragons now, which splits your XP. You can’t always have a backer for everyone of your runs!


It is definitely a problem for everyone below lv 187.

They don’t get really more xp and have a much harder base.

It’s all about trading runs now but good thing is that you got before the change at 87% max xp and now at 70%


Ahh under 186. Yeah I believe that’s due to invader being partially boosted now as I commented in another thread. We’ll have to see what PG says about that

Do you get full gold for <100%? I remember in the past that was not true


On my lvl 121 account, i notice the difference. However would i ask for a change. No bloody way. Was way stupid easy before. Sure my cool down is a bit longer now but i am ok with that. Can still solo with all my divines, all my other dragons as well that need it.

To me its the same old thing, if you are foolish enough to not ask for backup for max xp tough cookies, and if you can’t solo with your other dragons, sorry you levelled to much and you should pay the consequences.

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It’s actually not. You can solo bc your dragons have a specific level now but babies will take now way longer to be able to solo.

My base is Full with lv 50 towers first two islands are unboosted rest is. Grinding for xp isn’t the same when you want also the gold.

Good thing is that you get the same xp as before when you destroy 40% at my level. But that’s only true for those who are beyond the old max xp cap of lv 187.

Grinding and farming gold is uncool for lower levels players now

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i actually do not agree with that. Last breed got 2 more sapphires. From egg, i can solo them with a boost and add on. I will admit i have grabbed a couple more levels since breed event and this was pre invader change, they are currently at 2 & 5 now, but all that means is i do not need the boost now.

I can still farm gold like a mofo, and at my roster count i can solo my invader with over 14 dragons. Several divines, several capped plats for my level, and 4 sapphires ranging from level 2 to 11. All without boost.

But i am OCD about my levelling stats

but this is just as a baby shit and sure it may be different for larger players

Since War mentioned 50s I’m gonna talk about that weird scaling

If xp stops increasing after 300 why do tower levels keep increasing? I have a teammate in the low 300s whose invader is all 45s. Why does Warlord need to beat a base with all 50s when they get the same xp (before research, runes, and other modifiers)? Some people even higher level have invaders with all 55s. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense

At level 233 my invader is also all 45s. Same as my lv300-ish teammate but he gets way more xp than me, somewhere around the order of 100k. This doesn’t particularly affect me right now as I have no babies (thanks, sapphire-garnet wall) but is out of line with the gradual scaling that existed before

Not sure if you’re only referring to sapphire dragons and I also don’t know what tower levels are on your invader but you can’t sure as hell solo with a freshly hatched orange Devine and the higher you go sapphire babies won’t stand a chance vs a full lv 40 towers base (again not sure when that’s the case it’s true for my lv 189 alt and his garnet babies.

@Shimo exactly scaling is off from 300 onwards.

I think lv 55 towers appear with lv 350

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Right you are, thats regular tier sapphire dragons that can solo out of the egg. I would not even try to solo an orange egg divine on my invader base as its foolish to even think i would be able to solo that out of an egg. They are not meant to solo that early; i ask for help till appropriate level to solo for divines. But at my level, thats less than a week swapping rides with someone.

and i actually highly doubt my invader will have level 40 towers while i am in sapphire for my controlled play style. Next breed is apo and i will be level 126. That will give me the ability to hold that level for the following fort for the most part focussing on my farms again and a few minor other things. That will still put me into hau just over level 126. And into garnet a little over 132 still (assuming i do not burn out grinding the shit out of egg tokens the next three months), where i have confidence i should still be able to solo. It may get tougher for garnets after that, but after all it is a strategy game, and i may eat my words later on. But things are not supposed to be easy, nor do i want them easy.

We are looking into a couple things including why some towers are boosted arbitrarily, and what the balance is for lower level bases. Keep an eye on the forums, as if we make changes we will let you know.

I’ve had zero problems with the increased Invader bases. Would be nice if they added elemental towers or mages though. It’s still a cake walk considering guaranteed no defenders.

We have removed boosts on people’s bases. Before bases had the correct tower levels, but the boosts were causing a variance in difficulty and defense power. Players should be seeing more along the lines of what they expect now (which also means max XP)


laserbeams (Mehaten) flies again! :heart_eyes::tada:


Nope it sure isn’t!!! The Xp bases was the best thing atlas had going for it!! Now I cannot solo it with any of my divines that did just fine on it yesterday!!! This is just the last straw!! They nerf our divines after we payed for them over and over! Every single good thing in this game they either change or ruin!!! What good is an Xp base if you have to use 2 dragons to beat it or have to have a backer for every single run? Do u know how hard it’s gonna be to get enough gold now?? Once again bravo PG for ruining the best thing about atlas in the first place!!!


We already got max xp before you did this on atlas bases!! This sucks!! Now atlas bases r completely useless for me and 95% of everyone I’ve talked to today!!! What good is an Xp base if u cannot solo it with your best divines?? Or if you have to use 2 dragons? Goodbye atlas!!!