Anyone else's cure poison not working for Amarok?


So I have a lvl 44 alt acct with Amarok up to lvl 12 and his cure poison spell does not work. I’ve tried to use him on another Samsung and iPads to check and those work. There is also several players I’ve asked and theirs aren’t working as well. I put in a tkt, which is closed now, and first they said I’m not using it correctly. Told them about the other acct working and such then was told there is a research I need to do so that it works. They also wanted me to record and send him on a flight showing it does not work but only Apple, I think, has that option. For real? Is there really something in the research I need to complete? Don’t recall seeing any but maybe I’m wrong or ??? I’m stumped. Thank you in advance for any input!!


The research is only for healing your dragon when you use cure poison. The spell should remove poison from ballista shots regardless.


Step 1 in the #ballistasarenowOP plan is under way :smiling_imp:


Right? And when used it shows blue in his health. At least that’s what happens when I use it on my other account. For this one, it does nothing. At times it seems like his health gets lower.

At least his shield works!


No Obfirmo is correct.

You need the research to add HP to Amarok when using cure poison.
Normally, without this research it will not add blue HP to your dragon.


Omg, thank you!! What is so hard about them explaining it out like that, just checked the Hall of Research and I skipped it. Gonna do that now!! You guys are awesome!!!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::rose::hugs:


Well they did tell you…
But glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks to you guys! We were going back and forth as they told me a bunch of other reasons that didn’t make sense. I should’ve came to the forum first, would’ve been faster. Thanks again, still lots to learn!


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