Anyone ever train a dragon... only to have the dragon change on you?

Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. I finally sped up Zaru since I was in no rush to hatch him right away at the end of breeding (figured I’d save myself a few timers). I did a couple of runs with him to get him ready to train for level two.

Somehow his stats turned into Necryx (who wasn’t even in my roster, since I’d cut it down to just Ember and Zaru.) Since my attention was down on the train button, it really startled me to learn that I needed to upgrade my den to continue leveling up my new dragon. Which was weird since I had several lineage garnet dragons breedable…

Looked up and apparently Zaru was now Necryx. Though after I closed the training screen and re-entered it from the battle summary window, it was properly displaying Zaru’s stats. Still, it was kind of hilarious…


That is really wierd. I don’t know what you should do but tagging @PGJared to see if he can help you

@LizDrakemoor Did you try clearing your lineup by marking both of them as inactive in the Den and then reactive them to see if they are fixed?

EDIT: Replied to the wrong post…

It’s happened to me once or twice, I found it more comical than anything tbh. Especially since I told me I’d maxed Necryx when I was really Borgian being shown lol😂

I don’t want my Necryx turned into monkey :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It fixed itself the next time I opened up the training menu for Zaru (as I mentioned in my orignial post) but I thought this glitch was hilarious.

I suggest submitting a ticket.

I just submitted a ticket (#1135817 if you’re interested). I didn’t submit one yesterday since I was trying to finish up my entry for the creative contest that’s going on.

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I have not had any of them turn into other dragons before!!

The only glitches i’ve had are the typical skin loading errors where all dragons with appear as draco or ryuu or kastor depending on where you view them from and how bad the loading error is lol. I’m guessing this happens simply because they were all built off the same base profile and skins just added for visual effects afterwards.

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