Anyone experiencing HORRIBLE LAG

Hey, is anyone playing on the iPhone XS Max? If so are you having issues since this past event started? I’m experiencing horrible lag, having to double click items via the event menu or atlas, atlas crashing or just rebooting my whole game, laggy typing in TC or LC and longer than usual load time. I’ve been playing on this phone for over a year and have had no issues to this extent. I’ve even updated to iOS 14.3 with NO luck. Hope someone can answer this for me. Please and thanks. Happy Holidays to you all and happy flying.

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I haven’t experienced this lag. Have you sent a ticket?

For me the season doesn’t even load.
It just gives me an error message and reloads. Since there’s no way to exit once it gives you the reload, I have to shut down by phone and start over.
Don’t even get me started on atlas.


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