Anyone felt something different about the stat tower after the update?

Just a co-accident I made a video just after the previous event and before the update. This is my base defend power before

This is my base defend power after the update (no boost change)

I was curious how much health the perch dragon (danzig) boost my dark flak so I checked a few day ago (in pvp event) and it was less than 850, now it is over 950. I also notice this when Im attacking base.

Anyone has the same feeling?

They changed perches to have bigger AoE


my dark flak has alway been buff by perch before and after update, there shouldnt be any change in health if only just by having bigger effect area

Defensive rider gear no longer affects the entire base. If you had your defense rider on the perch by the short island closest to your base and had gear that affected your dark flak located at the start of the middle long island, that defensive gear is no longer buffing the dark flak. You’d have to move your defensive rider to the perch that’s by the middle short island (the Riverwatch perch) to affect your dark flak now.

Edit: I apparently skipped over some important things in your post above mine. I apologize for that. You can disregard this post if your dark flak is still being buffed. (I had no idea where your dark flak was located, because you didn’t post a screenshot of your tower layout.)

Your home island is buffed now too.

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Honestly the only difference i noticed was that the dragon perch buffs(15% hp or supershot) now change stats of the towers in area visually and right away.

Correction: meant besides the fact rider gear doesnt buff all spots. But the way pg echo made it seem was that all gear would be converted to either ONLY hp or ONLY attack buffs for each piece, to apply to ALL towers in the area, i dunno whats going on with that

Got screenshots mixed up but hunter buffs +10% of all nearby towers primary attack.

Interesting that fire warrior and fire hunter perch both deal same special damage, yet on a vanilla island with no perch it has less special dmg.
Nvm i forgot i had my architect research 1% attack buff lol

But cool to finally confirm its 10% to the towers primary and not the perch tower.

To me this is kinda fkn awesome and hella epic lol just to the overall strategy era

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