Anyone got a 24 hour expedite from a monument yet? 🤨


I have concerns about 24hr drop. Havent got it during the prev interevent period after 200+ flights. Testing again.


Add another 20,000 flights and you might get one. Exciting, huh? :roll_eyes:


But they have risen drop rate for bronze to 20% per spot and time amount to about 1,4-1,5hr per chest (from 1,25hr as i remember). I get more 15min and 30min speedups from the chests.
Anyway, thats not changing the global balkance. I still need to be freaking active in game to have 1/3 of required progression. 2/3 are to be covered by bucks. Thats alot.
Funny fact: we see strong acc on the market for 3,5k bucks - with around 6.5+bil defence power, 14+ bil attack power, top atlas stuff and absolutely ready to take the next tier during one breeding event. And its not sold yet. Why? Cuz it will fall back during the next lvl cap upgrates(3 months) without another 1-1,2k bucks per month to upkeep (3-3,6k bucks in 3 months). Final cost in 3 months will be about 7k bucks for capped middle length base with top tier dragons which are the must have for lvl 440+. Who is ready to through 7k bucks to be finally quite easily beatable player in WD and have to spend 1-1,2k bucks per month just not to become a waste?


I got a ton of 1-3 min speeds didn’t get anything higher … typical
Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::gift::snowman_with_snow::snowflake::christmas_tree: everyone


Never gotten above a 15 minute timer from a monument.


monuments drop: 3 minutes mostly, sometimes 15 minutes, rarely 30 minutes. And very rare drop is 1hr.
Looks like they have forgotten to add 24hr or it has super low chance…even lower than myphic runes.


Just comparing data tweaks after the event ended and initial 4.93 file (freshly reinstalled game). Sadly, no tweak is made to the file containing monument drop :pensive:


@Arelyna, @PGCrisis, please read this thread


I just collected a 24hr timer from a monument during an invader run.


I got a 24 hr timer drop from a monument on an invader run last night. Definitely there. Just probably sparse.


None for me but it feels like more timers are dropping. I mean I’m getting loads of 1 minute timers … :woman_facepalming:t4:


It is a 1:1000 ratio so 1 24 hour speedup drop in 1000 runs :man_shrugging:t2:

Edit: speedup


For reals or is this an example? Since Wednesday, I got two gold chest drops but no 24 hour timer.


I’ve had exactly 2 gold chest drops during runs the entire time I’ve been playing this game


My memory sucks, them two chests were either both today or one yesterday and one today. That’s not as impressive as the time two gold chests dropped in one raid. :star_struck:


To put it simply, gold chance is about 30/81,000, while 24h is less than 1/8,100,000
During event. It will be “much higher” once the event ends.



There must be something wrong … one in 8 million chance??? :flushed:

Any lil bit helps but this is microscopic :sob:


Oops, Sorry Sam. I made an error in calculating those.
It’s not 1 in 8M. It’s about 1 in 20M (and it’s after rounding up several times.)
Don’t worry though, as the rate will be increased by about 20000 times after event ends.


Lol I hope this is right just for the hilarity


So it goes to a 1% chance of a 12 hour drop between events. Eight monuments per long base. I should see at least one drop then …