Anyone got a 24 hour expedite from a monument yet? 🤨


I was going to farm some timers but I think I’ll go unicorn hunting instead. It will likely be more productive.


I haven’t seen 24hr yet, but I do get 3hrs at the odd time and 1hr too, but very rarely


Hmmm, hunting unicorns might be difficult considering the lore and mythology around what sort of “bait” works best at attracting them :rofl: It’ll probably be challenging finding the right bait first :sweat_smile:


Believe it’s .1% actually so burn 1k heal pots and you get a shiny 24 hour timer in return!


0 gold chests and 0 24h timers… I swear I’ve done a lot of runs. I’m around global rank 200 and I havn’t used food packs.

@Lx460 can I help you with unicorns?


Ahh you’re right, I divided by 2 mil instead of 20. One in 1000 chance :woman_facepalming:


I have one. Exactly one. Dropped a few mins ago. My usual week includes around 300 raids of mixed beasts and RSS farming or 1.4M medals. The drop rate can be ignored. It won’t impact your gaming at all.


I havent got any of yet. Still getting 1min timer from monument.


Wait, timers higher than 30min are a possibility to drop from monuments/destructibles?


Monument or boat/bridge/hut?


From monuments


I contacted support and they said everything looks good to them


Stuff is supposed to be dropping from those little huts? Never has for me


(yes it’s old)



I’ve only ever gotten 1,3,15 and 30 min timers so far. From anything


I’ve definitely seen 3 hour timers dropping. No 12 or higher here though.


There are definitely 1hr and 3hr timers that drop since i’ve gotten them before

Off event times your chances increase by like 5000% or something like that lol (from impossibly small to very small)


Maybe just my luck being bad. :frowning: I hope to one day get those sweet timers.


Almost 4 years in and I’ve never seen better than 3 hour expedites on runs. It’s not like I’m not active either. So either I’m very unlucky or they don’t exist.

I’d like to offer a bounty for photographic evidence they actually exist

Don’t try to dupe me either as you can’t trick a trickster.


I have hit over 3M medals but still none 24hr timer from monument. Is it really drop from monument?