Anyone got a 24 hour expedite from a monument yet? 🤨


Does the tower inside the last turn in atlas count as a monument? It’s still dropping 1 minutes regularly for me, but i have no idea what anything is there.


Blah forget about these timers gold chests are MUCH more frequent and have way better potential



I don’t have a photo but I got one 24-hour timer from a run earlier today. I didn’t even know they dropped until I looked here and I couldn’t screenshot it fast enough.m


I got a one hour drop once…but that was several years ago.



Oh well, since PG said that 1 min will be replaced with 24h…


pretty sure 12s drop?


Drop rate of 24hr timer should be 5 to 10 per event, then it will help us for 300 wall. Just my case, i didnt get 24hr timer in whole event and that doesnt help us in forti event at all. Drop rate should be fixed for 24hr timer. Thanks


LMAO, I love it


Let me run that through my Fake-o-Matic 3000 to check for alterations to the photo.


They just knew you were so excited to use all those embers you got from bounty harbor that they had to hold you back with timers. :blush:


I confirm that I saw one 24h timer drop while flying through base


I got one from an atlas monument today. Sadly had more important things to worry about than screenshotting it


I just got a 1 minute timer from a monument. Maybe the code it broken :eyes:


It certainly is, I still get a ton of 1min timers from monument, no 24h and cant say i notice any increase in drop rate, last couple events its been worst I would say


Same here, haven’t noticed any difference and still getting 1 minute timers


insignificant changes, really just a way to say something’s being done when it really isn’t.


If they really have increased drop rate of chest by 30% that’s pretty huge, as I got between 100-300 chest/day before, so getting 30% more, that adds up. To bad I’m not seeing it


Got 1 minute timers last run on these 2 monuments


I wonder if the 24h speedup is rarer than a gold chest :stuck_out_tongue: