Anyone got a 24 hour expedite from a monument yet? 🤨


I’ve gotten several gold chests and no 24 hours soooo I guess yes lol


Has it been changed?

If not, it’s about 1/2700 (gold) compared to 1/20M (24h)
(During event)


Wow, those are terrible odds and I know how 1/350 odds feel like sometimes… :sweat_smile:


After 2 event, still didnt get 24hr timer from monument. Does it drop actually? How far will it take to drop?


2 replies above this post says 1 per 20 million so it’s pretty rare



Yep, way less than the probability of being struck by lightning :roll_eyes:


I just got one from the bridge before island 3 in Atlas.


Hey everyone,

Seems like there are still a lot of questions on this topic. I’ll clarify some of the questions that were asked in this thread. PGCrisis should be posting an infographic soon with all this information.

  1. 24 hour expedites do not drop during an event for monuments at the moment.
  2. For normal map we have 7 monuments
    **Monuments are determined by any building which has the ability to add runes to the island or the water dragon shrine (simply put all buildings with the call to action of “Boost” or “Ready” will drop 24 hours expedites)
  3. For Atlas we have 5 monuments
    **I’ve added a map view with the monuments below and an image of all the monuments

Rubies instead of chests
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Are you sure that none of these 3 what appear to be monuments are not monuments?


Yea i don’t think they are monument. I’m sure they could be but I’m not entirely sure what thought process went into determining what is a monument or not.


So does that mean that all the changes in the drop rates only occur in the roughly 44 hours between events and no changes were made to the monument drop rate the other 5 days of the week?


I got one too yesterday. Atlas as well.


I do hundreds of runs and I’ve never received one.


The “monument” in this case could be the small wall to the left of the building, or the twin towers just visible at 10 o’clock of the circle. So which is it?

That building doesn’t actually do anything right now.


I’ve never had a chest/rubies drop from either of those 3. Assuming that’s what qualifies it as a monument


None of these have dropped 24h and they all drop 1min timers all the time, I play 3 accounts and several hundred runs each event, so its totally broken and not working as you have described, its prob tied to all this chest drop issue aswell that is also still broken.


But one of them dies to ember or any dragons normal shot and does actually drop chests. One of the twin statue near island 3 ? :thinking: is this considered a monument too or ?


Yes, the one that can be shot from island 8 drops chests regularly so assume it’s considered as a monument. That’s 8 in normal runs against 5 in atlas.


I got one ten days ago, but thought I was dreaming
On a side note, 1min and 3min dropping like crazy


Well, if they’re not does that mean we don’t get the boost from those in atlas but only in the regular game? At least two of them SHOULD be considered “monuments” since they are the same location in both maps and can be boosted.