Anyone got a 24 hour expedite from a monument yet? 🤨


Is it possible that this is level dependent? Like will I ever get one from my invader base or do I have to hit above my level or join others on their invader. It seems like I get higher value timers following bigs on their invaders. Like 1 hour instead of max of 30 minutes from mine.


I’m sorry but this doesn’t really alleviate the confusion. Is it POSSIBLE to get a 24hr timer from a monument? If so, what are the odds? Many of us do hundreds of runs per week and have never received one. However, PGJared said that they would be dropping as one of the quick fixes for the 300 wall problem. As far as we can tell, 24-hour expedites either don’t drop at all, or have an infinitesimally low drop rate. And of course, we are only discussing the 44 hours between events each week, since you have confirmed that the timers don’t drop during events.


So basically, there’s a microscopic chance of receiving one in a VERY short time window. So there is a negligible increase in timer drops.

When you guys released this as an improvement to the timer issue for 300s and overall improvement for players’ progression, was it just lip service and intentional deception? Or is PG just really bad at the maths?


Yep :sob::sob:


Now its been a more than month and still not dropping 24hr timers. @PGMichael can you pls confirm probability of drop rate? Thanks


As many have aleady explained this change, even if implemented according to what was announced (extremely debatable) will do next to nothing to help timer shortage.


Meaning they will be so rare that you might never see one…


I got one yesterday :slight_smile:


Apparently you have better chances of being hit by a lightning than seeing one of these in a run. So, guess… Watch out ? :man_shrugging:


Event gonna end soon. Maybe I’ll finally get a 24 hour drop :crossed_fingers:


Whoa! I just got my Ever first 24h speedup drop :crazy_face: they do exist​:rofl: I was so much impressed and immobilized that failed to ss it :see_no_evil: almost ruining invader run altogether.


Not exactly game changing frequency, won’t you admit?



Gee! :smile: How long it’s been here, 2 months? if I continue in this tempo I’ll gather enough to level one tower by 2023, by Jupiter! Profit :ok_hand:t3::monkey:


Still waiting for 24 hr timer. Its been almost 2 months now.


I’ve never gotten a 24 hour drop but I did get 6…count em…SIX 10 Ruby drops in one run yesterday. Betting the odds of that are pretty low.


I got my first 24h :stopwatch: from monument in atlas today :tada::tada::tada: so yeah it’s working


“working” only in the most loose translation. Once every blue moon is not helpful by any stretch of the imagination.

Glad you got one though. Wonder what month it will be if/when you get your second.


@PGMichael , @PGChocolate , @PGRocket

Since the XP make it so much harder for players to level up after 300 and more… where many are… you people could add different timers, as 24h or 48h into chests and into drops.

That maybe would help, because leveling is the problem, and not breeding.
Lets just say… if i have found 8 times a 3h timer, the chance for 24h should be near this then in worst case… or even better if you would like to help players getting up. For starters and for people who are struggeling since many month.

  • new timers for chests
  • new timers in forge packs
  • new timers with better chance from drops

What do you think, how realistic is it to speak this up ?


@PGChocolate and @PGRocket are better to tag for drops and such or arelyna and crisis if you are unsure. Michael is working on a different area within PG and won’t be as much help as he has been.


I didnt get any 24hr timers yet and just to know what is probability of getting 24hr timer? It doesnt help us if get 1 in 2 months or so. @PGChocolate