Anyone got a 24 hour expedite from a monument yet? 🤨


Better check their schedule before you tag them. Apparently it is offensive to tag them while on vacation.


Thank you , i just saw him responding a month before, thats how.

i will add these too, so they can look about ! :slight_smile:


I wonder how you got to this conclusion :thinking:
It’s not offensive, but utterly pointless.


It’s not offensive, it’s just that Jared pretty much asked to to be tagged until he gets back from vacation :upside_down_face:


Crisis and arelyna both not working today as it is long weekend for them. So i tag him. I dont know how it works and who to tag.


Because my tag of jared was removed “because he is on vacation”.

Why is it pointless, he will see the tag when he gets back to work. PG works on the geological time scale anyway so a month to answer is normal.


It does not say don’t tag him. It says we won’t see him on the forums.


I was being facetious.


He didn’t say it explicitly but I felt that his tone indicated a preference not to be tagged. If you read it differently then I suppose I can’t argue with that.

Edit: this is also extremely off topic :sweat_smile:

On topic: I still haven’t seen a 24h drop from a monument. Maybe one day I will be lucky.


Getting 1 and 3 minute timers, but still no 24 hour ones :unamused:




I’ve got exactly 1 24 hour so far.


Same. Had to use an extra drag to complete the run because I was so shocked I forgot to keep flying…


Me too :heart::heart: Almost a month ago , my precious


Just got one during atlas attack in nml, didn’t want to screenshot in case I closed the app on accident but that’s a first for me


You are lucky. I am still waiting for first one. May be in 2020.


Didn’t believe it until I checked my inventory, extremely lucky now to go play the lottery.


I’ve probably gotten 24 hrs in 1 and 3 minute timers. Does that count?


Still no 12 hour timer drop …


I take a gold chest over all timers