Anyone got a 24 hour expedite from a monument yet? 🤨


FYI a gold chest =50 3hr timers reason why I take a gold chest


Well there is only a small chance of that being true…It could also be worth 25 dragon boosts right?


I wish they would take those out gold chests


Nope but I still get the 1 1 minute


I finally got a 24 hr drop today in one of my first 4.96 flights. :woman_shrugging:


A couple of months ago I got 24s & a 48, but I can’t remember how

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Edit two to four at most. I accidentally wrote it as a mathematician equation.Only a couple times. 2 -4 at most


Now I’m making them in my forge

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Why? I’m always thrilled when I get those. Although sometimes they have stupid stuff. But often good stuff


I added more to make the Dragon more visible and. I also got the exploded look of a bug on a windshield. The health bar represents the Monument ‘s health .

Cannon wins. What A Dragon Sees when it dies.

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Crickets from PG after now around 3 months and a reply that did not answer anything at all.

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