Anyone has any castles for sale?

Would be interested to purchase if anyone has any castles for sale. Any element, 2 lvl

Please message me

IGN: Himelia

Message me. I have group to Buy/Sell/Trade some Castle

Anyone who sells or buys castles irl is just dumb. Is it r eallu worth losing your account and getting banned for breaking a rule like this? Play the game and EARN a castle like most do unlike the .1% of people who don’t want to actually play the game right…

Wouldn’t this classify as advertisment

Wait, is this truly against the rules? Where did you hear this?


I think he meant buying with real money would be bannable

I doubt the OP is willing to spend real money on Castles.
The current currency for a castle is Speedups.

How does one team give another speedups?

You can’t, unless you join their team.

Get in one alliance, and speeding up ally’s infrastructure.

They took that away last time I tried.

300 wall now, so haven’t tried in months.

That’s bad… We still can spam ally with food/wood right?

Yes, yes you can :smiling_imp:

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Correction, Jonesy is correct:

You do not need to join their team. The selling team give the buyer’s team safe passage on a castle the seller is keeping, and the buyer’s team uses speedups to expedite the sellers infrastructure upgrades.

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Wow i didn’t know youx could use speedups on a caste that didn’t belong to your team.

You used to be able to. But not anymore

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