Anyone have a higher lvl exp base ? I will be outgrowing draft lvl 440 base soon

Hello all,

If you have a base please help, if you prefer to message me in game. My in game is ONEPURSUER

If you have atlas, use Invader. :slightly_smiling_face:


I do use atlas. I prefer having an exp base for quick max exp for dragons I don’t use though.

In atlas the beast are worth more xp when you’re on a guild that has several castles. I’m 520 now and no bases come close to the xp that beasts give. Happy flying


It’s easy enough to find bases with just farms plus a mage sometimes if you check teamless in matchmaking. I still use drad for festives in my maybe someday pile and getting defeat x bases done quickly. Following someone else’s invader run would likely get you more xp than drad, but again at a time cost

which level are you?
dradffffdtdtdt is a good one if you are around 400

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I wouldn’t quite characterize main-game bases as “max XP”, especially not for someone with Atlas access.

A good workaround for this would be turning AutoBattle on and letting the battle play itself out, but this is only viable for dragons that are set to tank shots from multiple level 95 towers (the maxed tower level for invader bases; player level 460 in main-game, player level 465 in Atlas), which can vary depending on research. Additionally, not only are you getting XP by doing your runs on invader bases; you’re also getting extra gold and crafting shards, which will help in rider/primarch leveling and gear crafting.

Unfortunately, for an Atlas player, the invader base is the quickest and most efficient method for XP gain; however, if you aren’t in much of a hurry to accumulate XP, “ XPfarmslooseX1” is a team with a horde of randomly leveled accounts that you could resort to as well.

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405 right now, but I will be at 500 plus in maybe 2-3 more fort

I have almost 3M glory for the season on Atlas. I’m active there, but lvl 1 dragon and breeding dragon is always easier to lvl up using draft base

Get a team member to follow you on invader

This being said, if your dragons are relative and appropriate for your level, you should be able to take down invader with a level 1 lineage dragon

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do not do xp in main game, do atlas invaders, like everyone is telling you. its way more xp.

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Another thing I do is use XP pots on lvl 1 drags to get them to lvl 8 or so that way they have more power and skills! It’s instant lvls and then your dragon is ready to take on the world. :fire: :fire: :fire:

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The lower tier lineage dragons with one spell most certainly can’t take the invader base. It gets easier later as the towers are capped and the dragons have 4 spells at lvl1 .

But if asking teammates isn’t possible, then I would just use two dragons. Start every invader run with a dragon you’re trying to level up and you’ll get the xp soon enough.

Just use dradffffdtdtdt for now until you reach that level.

Then ask pg to make the same base but with level 999. :joy:


I suggest not using any bases that level you too fast easyexperience will cost you your game ability later at some point you won’t fly for exp anymore the potions from branch rewards earn enough

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