Anyone have the breakdown of Oksana’s second page? 😅

Does anyone have it? I’m trying to figure out what to do with my sigils … :eyes:

You need exactly 18,800 sigils to complete the second page.

x20 12 hour Speed-ups 500
x1500 Elemental Embers 500
x8 Gold Chests 500
x1 Dragonfire Battle Boots 500
x2000 Egg Tokens 500
x28 Mystic Fragments 500
x1 Dragonfire Vitality Helm 650
Portrait FREE
x2200 Elemental Embers 700
x12 Gold Chests 700
x1 Dragonfire Vitality Plate 700
x3000 Breeding Tokens 700
x2700 Ice Shards 700
x1 Dragonfire Battle Gloves 750
x2700 Elemental Embers 750
x35 Mystic Fragments 750
x13 Gold Chests 750
x1 Dragonfire Battle Ring 750
x3750 Breeding Token 750
x13 Gold Chests 750
x1 Dragonfire Vitality Pants 800
x18 Gold Chests 800
x3000 Elemental Embers 800
x18 Gold Chests 800
x1 Dragonfire Vitality Shield 800
x4000 Breeding Tokens 800
x18 Gold Chests 800
x1 Dragonfire Battle Bow 800

You are my hero for the day! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

The summary of the consumables.

do u please have the break down of total sigils for first page on oksana ? :rose:

x1 Gold Chest 100
x3 Silver Chest 100
x200 Breeding Tokens 100
x1 24hr Wood Production/Protection 100
x100000 Rune Dust 100
x5 Mystic Fragments 100
x5 Oksana Rider Shards 150
Portrait FREE
x500 Fire Shards 150
x3 12 hour Speed-ups 150
x20 Oksana Rider Shard 150
x300 Elemental Ember 150
x300 Egg Tokens 150
x28 Oksana Rider Shard 200
x5 12 hour Speed-ups 200
x3 24h Food Production/Protection 200
x3 Gold Chest 200
x35 Oksana Rider Shard 200
x600 Breeding Tokens 200
x200000 Rune Dust 200
x84 Oksana Rider Shards 400
Portrait FREE
x12 12 hour Speed-ups 400
x6 Gold Chests 400
x89 Oksana Rider Shards 500
x2000 Breeding Tokens 500
x1500 Elemental Ember 500
x139 Oksana Rider Shards 600

Total: 6200 sigils


Do you have a breakdown of prizes 5-13, 16-18, 24-34 and 51-52 for me?

TY :eyes:


Are you joking? :flushed:. You’re one of the numberest crunchers of War Dragons. :eyes:

It was satirical since people were asking for different ranges figured id give a random request to be funny since why would i want a whole bunch of different ranges but not the content in between?


I dunno. Some players are a lil quirky :grimacing:

I have the breakdown here:

Don’t get oksana’s second page

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thanks so much

I’ll have 15k sigils to spend … her second page is the best option for that since I haven’t started on any dragons. :grimacing:

No thoughts or questions fomhar is better option

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No dragons this season? Oi, Fomhar is killer. Go for him or maybe Aibrean. :t_rex:

Naw, 15k sigils can only get to item 44 or 45 prize on Fomhar and that covers slightly past the sapphire stone. Which is useless since I’m already breeding garnet. The consumables on Oksana’s second page comes out better than the divines … it has lots of embers. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I haven’t truly chased a divine since Kinnarus. Who could resist Dodo? :joy:

Besides Kin, nothing has stood out except Nec but that beast was too ugly. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Lol I thought that too but man I wish I went for Nec instead of Chimerak… I love my Chim but I wish I knew how good hunters were back then. :t_rex:

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Just another thought on my suggestion:
Open golds in Fomhar line and super sigils.
Well, its one of the really good hunters, so unless you have lofty targets for next season i would find it worth to spend rubies on super sigils and 22 gold chests on fomhar line, which can get you to gold chests rewards or emerald or emerald + gold chests.
I find this dragon to be worth it.

I forget where it was, but I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a screen shot of yours that had a massive gold chest cache… open them

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