Anyone in shock over NFL wild card games? Who gonna win the Superbowl?

I’m flabbergasted but extremely happy over titans eliminating Patriots from the play offs I couldn’t believe the saints lost to the Vikings what are us football fanatics thoughts?

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NFL… that’s the rugby ball with laces right?


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I’m confused… why would you want the team that beat your team to loose? Wouldn’t it look better for your team if the team that eliminated them won it all? That way at least you were knocked out by the best… if they won’t win, your team was beaten by some other team that also sucked.


I was thinking the Texans was purposely fn up like they didn’t do nothing until like mid 3rd quarter then final 2 minutes changed

Well the Seahawks won 17-9

Heres the highlights be of the games
Vikings vs saints

Eagles vs Seahawks

Bills vs vs Texans highlights

Patriots vs Titans highlights
God I love seeing Brady’s last pass a pick 6

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Because they shouldn’t have won. They won because of a bad call from the ref that cost us a td. We outplayed them for 99% of the game and Allen killed it. One bad call killed our season that we rightfully fought hard to win. So yeah I hope the Texans lose.

Oh and our offensive coordinator Dalfuck made terrible calls that also cost us the game.

So because of a bad Ref, you would like your team to have lost to a team that will prove to be no good. What does that say about your team if they lost to this other loser?

Just curious.

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