Anyone interested in scheduling an event in Bali?

Is anyone interested in having a meet up planned in Bali?

  • A link to RSVP to your event
  • Date & Time of your event
  • Location of your event (Address, maps link, or other details)
    -Bali Indonesia
  • Who to look out for / meet with (that’s you!)
    -A few brave souls
  • What the event’s activities will be (Dragons fly-off? Trivia? Swag giveaway?)
    -The world is ours…and everything in it

Not many Indonesians play this game I’m assuming. There are some in platinum teams that I have encountered.
But y r u still in Bali?? Retirement? Too much :moneybag:??

I would be interested but will need lots of notice since I don’t live there… yet. :upside_down_face:

Why are you still where you are?
Retirement? Too much money? odd question


Lol :joy: just curious since you are an American. I thought you were in Bali for vacation :palm_tree:
I’m close to Bali, I’m in Australia :australia:.
Lots of Aussie in Bali too so I guess I could come if time permits


If you’re buying, I’m flying.

On another note, thanks for reminding me that Bali exists. I’ve been planning a graduation trip and was thinking Croatia, but Bali seems even more fun.


Isn’t this what we just did unofficially yesterday? :hugs:


Good times in the sun! :smiley: Was nice to meet you and the Mrs!


:flushed: Has been long since I visited Bali…
Thought somewhere near Kuta is good :smile:

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If I didn’t have work, wife, kids, etc. I’d just use some of my miles and show up and buy you a beer.


Croatian caves are awesome!

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