Anyone know dmg difference for double and triple volts/lightnings set up?

I’m thinking of running a double volts set up in back island… anything he know the difference?

It’s +30% attack for each one added, caps out at 3 lts/volts then the boost stops increasing




Current layout

1st layout would probably work better than the 2nd. Your current layout also would work well
Optionally swap out a FF or DF for an extra mage

I have a lot of success with my current layout right now but I think the meta overall will be shifting to favor volts base.

How about this?

It stacks up to 5 (as in +4x30%) as long as they are on the same island. Need to relaunch the game after setting them up though otherwise the game gets confused.

Also using wind wall will double the damage you receive from lightning and volt supershots.

Video of Wind Wall and Stacking

(put them in the wrong way first)


I’m watching video but I don’t really understand windwall. Can you explain more?

I messed up the video order so that could be the issue.

Wind Wall is an add-on spell that deflects projectiles. While it is active your dragon gets hit for double the damage from lightning towers. If you compare the HP bar of Ember from the first run you see it takes two SS to get it to low HP and in the second run it only takes one because its actively using Wind Wall.

The stacking one should be clear as each run leaves the dragon with less HP and each run has one more lightning tower on the same island.

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So is it best to have a group or 5 volts and lightnings than to have 2-3?

If you want the maximum damage, yes. But you also might want to put a mage or other defensive tower there so the attacker doesnt use invincibility shield and kills the towers for free

Pretty sure it doesn’t. There are just two +30% bonuses in the game files, one for having one or more lightnings on the same island, and one for having two or more.


Im pretty sure thats what happens. I tested it myself and have a video on youtube (links to them on a previous post) where you can see it. I also compared what I saw with what I expected from the math and those lined up too.

The only stuff I found in the files about this are the lightning and volt “activeAbilityProjectileEffects” which are “dragonSpellDependent:dragonSpellDependentLightningSpecial” and “dragonSpellDependent:dragonSpellDependentLightningSpecialSuper” (LightningTowerSuper being volt) along with “perNeighborPercentageActivatedAttackIncrease” that is 30 for both. For a limit I didnt find anything.

There is also a file called DragonSpellDependentEffect that is used to gain rage with absorb magic and stop the slow from orrery (“absorbMagic:rageGainByAbsorbMagic1” and “shieldOfTheForest:noslow”) that also has an entry with “hurricane:hpReductionLightningSpecialHurricane” and “hurricane:hpReductionLightningSpecialHurricaneSuper”.

There is also a file for HpReductionEffect which contains “hpReductionLightningSpecialHurricane,lightning:2” and “hpReductionLightningSpecialHurricaneSuper,chargedVolt:2” there are also both of those except without the “Hurricane” that has tower:1 (where tower is the name)

So from what I get from that is that each “Neighbor” “Increase(s)” “ActivatedAttack” by a “Percentage” which is 30.
Also that the damage is doubled (lightning:2 vs lightning:1) for supershots while the spell “hurricane” is active. And hurricane is wind wall and indeed the ember did take the same damage from one supershot with it active that it took from two supershots without.

I also asked on Zendesk and they said it stacks for every tower on the same island (group of 5). They denied the Wind Wall thing though.


Ok that seems more reliable than my guessing what the parameters mean for sure.


Is it the same with a group of 2 lightenings and 2 Volts as just 4 of one kind?

Both Volt and Lightning boost each other


As if zendesk knows anything. :see_no_evil: Kudos to the analysis, as always.

I had 4 LTs in one island for the same reason, but mine was purely based on speculation. :see_no_evil:


Interesting, it used to be up to 3 (I tested it a long, long time ago), so PG changed/broke it.


It’s still only one a set of 5 tower island though, correct? I couldnt say have a CV/LT on the back of island 2 and another on the front of island 1 and have them boost each other despite the linked lightning animation between them, correct?