Anyone know dmg difference for double and triple volts/lightnings set up?

Does lightning run and glyph work for volt ? I dont have any volt run and glyph but alot of lightning

Pretty sure thats the case but didnt test it. Support said it has to be on the same island of 5

No, runes and glyphs only work for the exact tower. Kinda like the dragon runes and glyphs only work on exactly the spell they boost.

I never believe anything Support tells me anymore. Probably a good 90% of what they say is outright wrong.

I had one time where I was trying to explain to them that I didnt receive the free gold chest that they offered in the mythic line (back when they later would add the new evo stones in late in the season). I even sent screenshots from a friend that showed the free gold chest and they just kept telling me there were no free gold chests in the mythic lines, only the 500 sigil ones.

That’s what I always knew it to be too but then again I was also always told that the lightning ss stack capped at +2 (60%) so who knows. They seem to change stuff without ever telling anyone so no one even knows when it happened :woman_shrugging: :person_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

There’s also so much misinformation out there that gets passed around (sometimes because Support were the ones that said it) that you never know if it’s fake or if something got changed.
Like I had someone in a chat recently trying to tell me that if you had a lighting in the front right corner of an island and in the back left corner of the iland but didnt have one in the center as well then they wouldnt boost each other because they werent next to each other and the little lighting animation didnt happen between them :face_exhaling:

It also doesnt help that PG has never given us clear details on how things like this work. We just get the vague little description in the tower’s menu and that’s it. We have to rely on guides from players like yourself and Zami and Morreion and everyone else who take the time to extract the info from the game and format it in a way that actually makes sense to people. Like dont get me wrong, Neon is one of the best resources we’ve ever had for this game and Im so thankful for all the work Morreion puts into it but why did PG never create something like that themselves when it’s their game?


I couldn’t agree more with this.

Nope, this is not a bug, it’s always been this way.

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What is if u have volts and lightenings on one island, and have an attack speed glyph for lightenings equipped. Do the volts also attack faster since they are linked?


Hi Mina
If u look at my question above- does this mean if you have lightening attack speed equipped, that lightening and volt towers do not attack at the same time, or does the attack speed bonus simply not apply if you have a volt on the same island?

As far as I know, there are no runes/glyphs that increase the attack speed of Lightning towers.

Assuming PG releases it, and to answer your question, the attack speed of Charged Volt doesn’t increase.

However, the attack speed of Lightning towers is 300, and Charged Volt’s is 500.
So Charged Volt still hit dragons faseter than Lightnings, even with Lightning attack speed runes equipped.

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Thank you. You are right, there is no lightening attack speed boost. I had it memorized wrong.

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It’s bad to have more than 3 on an island anyway. If you don’t have other towers with them the attacker can one shot all the towers or use a shield spell to avoid them. I’d probably put an ice flak and an orrery with three of them to spell block and then the orrery to protect the towers from sorcerer spells. Or just a red and blue mage with them would work too, but less damage output plus no invincible towers.