Anyone know why this happened?

Hey guys,

The scenario is a trapper and a seiger swap glory. Both same level, no boosts, same ap/dp so ratio is 1:1 in the attacks. The attacks are all 3 flamed.

I have attached the picture of the attacks. Anyone know why the troops lost and troops killed are different?

This is NML so team infleunce shouldnt be a factor.

  1. Relative army sizes affect the ratio of troops killed slightly. The article appears out of date; the differential is not as large as stated.

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Lol the question was actually posted by a team member of yours Tinsir :rofl:… The battle in the picture is theirs. i removed the names cause I didnt know if they wanna be anonymous or not.

They told me that the army sizies were exactly the same (7500). If there is no reason for the difference, it might be larger when using silver prims. I hoped to know the reason.

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Looks odd


Oh! She can stay near Saints, then. :slight_smile:

So it looks like there are a few cases where equal level trappers and siegers have slightly different stats:

But those favor the sieger, so you’d expect an opposite outcome if they were e.g. level 2. Can you do a check of offensive/defensive stats?

She said both level 1 prims and same ap/dp.

That table is nice though. Mech does mention that PG rounds up/truncates ap/dp stats in different screens. Might that be whag caused the issue??

Any chance you have the EXACT stats on the primarchs?
When PG has rounding errors they can certainly extrapolate to these figures. But that would only make sense for the trapper hitting the sieger (51 vs 52 is 2% difference as shown in the troop difference, however 239 vs 240 isn’t 2% so it doesn’t hold true for the lower scenario)

The only thing i can think of is that one primarch is actually one level ahead of the other one.

Seasonal bonus would also be a higher % than shown, so we can rule that out as well.

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That’s what I thought as well and had asked the player if her prim was ahead of the other. She confirmed with a no. Im waiting on the prim’s stats. Will update this when I get them.

The other thing that may be happening is that the person assumes that they primarchs are equal based on just looking at the level. You typically need to kill off or re-summon a primarch to obtain the new stats after leveling (highly likely due to a primarch leveling event that just occurred)

Fort debuff stat on sieger?

Hmm so which stats would it be actually attacking with in nml if it had been leveled but hadn’t been resummoned, old displayed stats or new not-displayed stats?

I’m still checking with her for the exact numbers. But that specific player usually exchanges glory by ap/dp stats rather then prim level from what Ive seen.

Old stats. Even if it says L5 and shows L5 stats in the research tree, there has been problems with stats actually updating on the primarch themselves. You can notice it when troop count doesn’t go up after leveling a few levels during an event, when viewing the research tree differs from the primarch details page


Think that might be it. As ratio becomes 1.02:1 IF other stats are the same. Is fort debuff applicable in NML??

Wasn’t aware of this. Brings a whole new level of smh to the glory math.

Will be back with the stats hopefully soon.

Thank you guys for the replies.

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There are no forts (infrastructure) so no debuff. So it can’t be that.

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I hit this trapper twice in aligane, using the same amount of troops, and both the times using 2 dragons(4 flames - ember at the end to clean farms). Why is it that I get 4k glory in my first battle for 3k lost troops, which I think is right for 4 flames but in the second battle I get full 4.5k glory even though it was still only 4 flames? :thinking:

He had less troops second time so the army size factor made it such that you killed more troops of his.


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