Anyone lived or stays or visited Alaska

Was offered a gig in Alaska after I finish school working on PLCs is it like they say it is

I’ve been to Juneau, I have a brother that lives there. But I don’t know where you were offered a job, or what part of “what they say about Alaska” you are referring to. I’m not even sure what a PLC is… (I know what it means in education, but I doubt that is what you are talking about)

You’re going to have to be more specific.

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A friend came back recently from a trip and said it was beautiful. However he was ready to come home because he couldn’t sleep … they had daylight all day. Dunno why he couldn’t just pull the shades, he said the feeling was different. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yep lived there for 34 years. Where are you going?

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Shades probably wouldn’t be enough. You’d need black out curtains.

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I don’t recommend Adak unless you like eavesdropping on Russians and Bird crap

Our PLC’s are Programmable Logic Controllers (like from Allen Bradley). Typically used to automate things in a manufacturing environment.

I thought about that too, but he told me once after he posted some nasty, gross video here that he was studying in the medical field. I figured it would have to do with that…


Yeah PLCs but it’s gonna be on a rig I guess a oil rig don’t know where I just like where’s it cold and no bugs they didn’t go into details about where

So what happened to the medical profession?

You know having knowledge on different fields you can invent something that can change the world like a person with a medical degree with culinary arts can tell people what foods that can help people’s health

So it didn’t happen?

I’m still doing it

I be finished in may

Alaska has mosquitoes the size of Zeppelins in many areas. Good luck with that.

I don’t mean to be rude, I am genuinely asking. How does one get into med school with your apparent lack of basic grammar? From what I’ve heard, medical and biology fields are very writing intensive. Is English not your first language?

I spoke with the lady who talks with companies that come and hire students she said it’s a oil rig in kenai, alaska

If I use the type of grammar people tell me to speak English like today I said that circuit has a lacuna or I call someone lackadaisical or I tell someone stop being perfidious or I say I hate mendacious individuals

Using big words that you can easily google doesn’t count, as you didn’t even use them in any context or in a grammatically correct sentence.

My girlfriend is a biochem major and she writes like 4 papers a week, and she is a terrific writer. Usually how well someone writes is a good indicator of their overall intelligence. You have to be pretty smart for a medical field. Not suggesting anything, of course. :upside_down_face:

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Dude, why is she still your girlfriend? Put a ring on it!!! :ring: