Anyone lost their inactives? 🤔

Steal essence bug is fixed too.

Didn’t know there was a bug :joy:

When I logged on this morning it was the first time I ever saw an inactive kicked.

Same o.O I haven’t seen it work in years

are you talking about combination spell?

Yup, had several teams we know have this happen as well. Seems to have been system wide?? We had a few place holding alts we use for war get kicked, and a member who had an unexpected illness we were looking for a replacement for. Autokick should have done the alts a few weeks ago but never kicked in. Fortunately, we escaped unscathed. Would be very nice if we knew the algorithm requirements, if we had been in a war, it would’ve been bad. Lesson learned though, keep the alts at least low active, even when autokick has not autokicked for literally months …

Yes. Previously spell from SE wasn’t disabled if projectile type was casted.
Now, it’s disabled properly, like the others.

Yep,had some inactives kicked today as well.First time in months,

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it isnt fully disable though. like rizar, if you cast overload early before the steal get the spell, you can still combine them and more, if the spell is fireball, all the damage from bullet shot get extra damage later on

If they actually fixed the auto-kick to work consistently, hallelujah.
But also I would definitely have included that one in release notes.

Hey folks,

Our autokick feature stopped running due to a bug, we’ve now resolved this issue, and it’s now working as before. Just as reminder, this is how our autokick function works:

  • If you are a new player, and you do not login within the last 4 days of your first 7 days, then you will be automatically kicked out.

  • If you are an existing player, and you have not logged in within 7 days, on the 8th day, you will be automatically kicked out.

  • If you are a leader and you have not logged in within 7 days, you will receive a notice. If you are still inactive for 3 days, then an Officer will be promoted and you will be kicked out of the team.


So the leader has to go from active to low activity to inactive for three days before being kicked … is that right?

  1. What is the kick time? Is it a certain time (e.g. Midnight UTC, such as War)? Or specific period counted from last being online?
  2. Is there any period which one can’t be attacked but hasn’t been kicked?

And what if the Leader and ALL Officers are Inactive? (No. I’m not kidding, actual circumstance).

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Well, update, most of team now kicked, no more Officers but still inactive Leader. Lol

It is either Midnight or 1AM Pacific Time. I think the same time the xp multipliers reset.

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@Arelyna can the development team please make autokick optional in the team set-up? It should be left up to the leaders as to whether to enable to disable it (not leave it on a perpetual “enabled”)

If autokick can be disabled, IMO, protection against inactives should be disabled as well (all bases in all teams can be attacked)


That would have to be a given. being able to attack inactives should already be a thing but from what I’ve heard it is not.

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