Anyone need a castle?

New type of recruitment post!

Anyone want a castle? Level 2 wind.

Let me know!

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Does it have a bar and how many concubines does it come with?

Aww Grump, you’re a sweetie. This player needs a castle. :hugs:

One level 3 dark shard castle please

Nah she’s from a saph team globally top 100 at least. :joy:

Oh, so she isn’t poor. I’ll ask around for some poverty stricken folks :smirk:

Gone now.


Aww, you provided shelter for the homeless. Hugs!!! :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Looking for 18 T5 dark pls & TY


Our team needs alliances. Know anyone willing to help out a low level platinum 4 team?

We need an alliance too. Even lower level Gold 1 team. :rofl:

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