Anyone not getting chests


Used around 360 energy and realized i was being awarded 4 bronze on supers and 5 on wildfires but wasn’t recieving them in armory sent a ss and created a ticket but they said there are no issues and chest drop rates vary per base level ?


Unfortunately, me either. I had 3 bronze from my last 3 attacks, and it only shows on the golden button, but if I wanted to open them, I have 1.

Which is not surprising as I get rubies from monuments.



Hey! @madcad95 and @PrideDemonHBD, can you both try force closing and restarting then doing a run? (This is not the usual TS steps.) I did something on my end.


I can confirm that the Armory issue has been fixed. I am grateful for your help, Arelyna!


I haven’t got chest since last event


@TAPSHERO, try force closing and restarting now.


Did it don’t know if it worked or not due to being kicked right after run


did another run


I literally can’t keep loosing chests like this especially during the first 2 weeks of the season especially after i spent $ on this game every season since i started this makes it close to 100 bronzes lost now.


It is working again…for now who do i need to contact besides the ticket i have open for the lost chests that i have accumulated right now they are very valuable to me due to chasing the discount dragon.


Stopped working again just lost 6 bronze chest 2 gotten in run and 4 from completing a super.


It was happened to me not ones even befor… only what helps - delet the game complitely and reinstal it


I just can’t use supers or wildfires even when i get chests when i open them I don’t get what’s inside but if i do singles it seems to work fine so just means all the supers and wildfire runs were wasted besides the event points i got so looks like i will be doing bare minimum on pvps from now on -_-


Try Clearing Data for the app…
Seemed to work for me


Just clear game data completely
Worked for me


Will be trying the uninstall method soon if pg can’t get their act together lol


I get chest now
But what about this

Uploading… all the forced closed runs and lock outs



Clearing the game data is the equivalent of REINSTALLING the game.

I have done that already. Twice, during Fight Pits.


Just doing singles from now on and gonna chuck the 100 plus chests up to a loss was going to spend to complete cavy but not now not after taking such a hit on chests so will complete cavy,rider and token boosts this season and that’s it, it is almost like pg doesn’t want me to spend lol.