Anyone notice the food shortage? 🤔

So I’m trying to get food for my dragons but there doesn’t seem to be much food about. I go here and I go there but I haven’t gone everywhere but I think that even if I did go everywhere, there would be no food there. :confused:

Anyone know where one could get one some food for one’s dragons? :pray:t3:

Wait until Tuesday. There will be heaps of food available :joy:

Walmart had plenty when i left there little while ago :no_mouth:

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Well… it is a feeding event. :grimacing: This is when Atlas banks really help out :wink: :t_rex:

Have you tried the supermarket?

Rub it in that I don’t have Atlas :sleepy:

I canna help it that them Atlas meanies scare me :sob::sob::sob:

My grocery store don’t offer sheep. My dragons wants :sheep::sheep::sheep:

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Go to a bigger one which offer lamb meat
But if you stave your dragon enough, they would eat anything even wood ask chunk about it

My dragons are divas, they only eat organic sheep.


Pretty sure I saw my dragons on a commercial with Sally Struthers today.


Boo. :ghost:

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Breeding then feeding pretty much 2 feeding events in a row, could have something to do with the shortage took me 4 hours to farm 4mil yesterday great times lol

Happens every feeding event. Stick a food boost on your farms? :woman_shrugging:

My storage is being upgraded … again. :woman_facepalming:

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This guy has pathox allready, cheers​:balloon::fireworks::sparkler:

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Then spend 100 bronze chests for timers to finish it 🤷

I used a few days worth of timers to finish mine so that this event would be easier on me, I started another <7 day build so it finishes before fort event starts so I’m still at the same net place for the upcoming fort event

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Mine has 25 days left :sob:

Ouch. So you started upgrading it during a non fort event?
May I suggest in the future having it be the last building you upgrade in the fort events so you can let it just run naturally for 20+ days and only have to speed it up at the end if necessary.

My storage is upgrading almost all the time lately. I have an elite account so have one build dedicated for the storage if it is already running and use the second build for all fort event upgrades. :tired_face:

Fair enough. It’s just starting it during fort event gives event points if you ever need them :slightly_smiling_face:
I think 95% of my team upgrades storage right at the end as their last build so it’s finished by the time next fort rolls around.
Just a tip :slightly_smiling_face: