Anyone notice you can't put defense boosts back?

After the most recent update, if I pick up a defense boost (Sword, Shield, or Hammer) I can’t put it back if I either don’t need it, or grabbed the wrong one.

It kinda feels like a way to waste/use up more of our items.

Was this intentional?

LC confirmed they’re having the same “issue.”

I get that we have a lot, but wasting them is annoying.


Okay thank you for saying something!

I have noticed this but just thought I was not quite placing them right.

Low priority compared to the dumpster fire that’s going on with disappearing sigils and chests, but definitely a problem.


I certainly agree.

Edit, worse for me is that the Sync issues are reappearing in force. Nothing worse than getting that infamous message & realizing L5 dragons you’ve just spent 45m flying & training are back in their eggs. Along with missions reset (wasting the reset time/eggs,) & Atlas missions reset to need reclaiming.

Super frustrating & challenging to not close the game for the day.

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Me too. Bummer as it would save some wasted consumables

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I have had the same issue. It was happening to me before this last update though. Is annoying at times, but far less of an issue as what is currently going on. Perhaps once the new update issues are worked out, we can get this resolved.

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Could anyone provide a video of this please?


Same here. I noticed it before the update. Glad to see it is not an intended change. I was quite bummed.

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See if this works:

Forgot to delete sounds :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil: -Fixed

I try my best to hover back over the circle where I picked them up.


Basically when the dragon dies, I want to put my sword back, so normally bringing it back to its slot would put it back and not drop/consume it. However, this is not the case now.


@BloodAngl thank you. You beat me to it. That’s exactly my same issue I have. When you drag it back and let go, it still drops it.


I find if you drag the consumable off the screen at top left corner, it seems to work.

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I feel really stupid that I never knew you could do this … I might have had some hammers left if I had :blush:

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Please bring back Ryuu :joy:

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Same here, noticed it too. Wasted hammers …:weary:

I noticed. Just figured PG is trying to drain off “extra” hammers for the players. :man_shrugging:

Solution = never use hammers again, therefore no waste


I had this issue in 4.97 and nobody else seemed to, then gone with 4.98, now back again in .99 and 5.00. It really stinks.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.We’ll definitely get some eyes on it!


I noticed this too, but thought it was just lag until my team members also mentioned it.

I have not been able to return a hammer made ready for dropping to inventory. I used to be able to slide back to where I got it from and drop it there, but now it continues to Target the area around the side bar and when you let go it casts whenever that is. (Typed our just in case a more detailed description helps)

Definitely not the biggest issue at the moment.

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I had this problem even before the update.