Anyone playing on ipad air 2?

Starting having lag issues with atlas castle browsing with the recent update.

My atlas browsing screen wasn’t close to any of the populated zones, so that wasn’t that.

Gameplays on base game and even attacking/defending in atlas seemed fine when I checked, but the castle browsing became waaay damn too laggy compared to how it was pre-update, the very latest one.

I don’t have any other apps running when I play games and I don’t even have many apps installed as air 2 is just a spare device I bring around to play WD without adding too much weight to my bag.

I’ve had confirmations from other ipad air 2 users, including my teammates, members of my old 5TA and of the new 5TA, and a few other buddies I made in game.

Anyone else on the forum experiencing the same?

-I didn’t put this on atlas forum as some people said they were having troubles with base games, crashing more often.

I have an iPad Air 2 as well and it’s also terribly slow in atlas after the update.

I set my detail to medium and it seems to be back to normal for me.

We should continue the discussion in the official update discussion thread.

Please continue the discussion in the official update thread.