Anyone Remember This?

Remember when PG put a cap on damage but let the numbers go up so it seemed like you were getting more but really they did nothing…and they did it for months? I was worried people might forget.


… okay?

Who do you think you aren’t?

Just wanting to make sure we dont forget that sometimes PG intentionally does things you cant see, defraud is close but maybe a little harsh and only seem to do anything when someone calls them out on it. Curious though, what happens when someone doesnt notice? I bet they would have sold those capped flaks but had big numbers until the end of time if nobody had said anything.

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Yep :joy:

Gotta watch those guys! :grimacing:

That was back when Red actually posted, got more out of her then just the usual “File a ticket because posting it on the forum is actually counter productive” reply :grin:
I’m just joking about this :point_up: Part lol

Nope, dont remember that. Btw, flak ranges are being shortened again, lightning flaks are coming, new mythics shone light on underperforming towers, gonna release new levels next week, and then a new tier the week after. Fingers crossed for balance. Oh, and elemental barrier is being turned blue, as was initially intended, cue the necryx whines to mask everything else.


Oh Noooo! :flushed:


I actually wouldn’t mind this idea? I love the idea of a lightning Island but they just are not near as effective as they should be…It would be neat!

It Could be like a Flak that shoots like a fire turret but instead it’s a ball of supercharged lightning…The strength similar of a fire turret just not as strong but instead a lot faster & The lightning Flak increased the attack power & speed of lightning towers around.
With range like the Ice Flak so it could be put in the back and very fast shooting out balls of lightning lol

2/3 lightning Towers - Lightning Flak & Mage
Sounds funny but i like it! Lightning islands
are back! :grin:

I’m all for more variety on bases! Because the most effective bases don’t have a lot of variety…If it could be strong enough & really benefit other lightning towers enough then it could be a tower that brings older towers back!
@Ragnar I like where your heads at :wink:

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A new dragon tier, are you serious? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

He’s totally being serious. This thread is very serious.


New tier probably isn’t that far off :joy:

Obsidians were introduced last summerish (Merkt was first seasonal drag with obsidian stone) then end of last season (winter) Harbingers were introduced (Neptus first seasonal drag with Harbinger stone)…so we’re probably looking at end of next season for new tier

Hmm… I remember this.

Weren’t all the core towers basically capped between 41.and 45?

HP.and SS damage went up, but normal damage stayed unchanged. The power level kept rising like normal.

And then the caps were removed. Noctua fell from the sky like a rock, and the fix was to put the caps back in place… And there was much rejoicing.

There was a post about this… But it disappeared. Not locked. Just gone.

Remembering the past is a good thing. Unless you want to forget. :man_shrugging:


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
-George Santayana


Deadly serious. You doubt me? Dont see the “employee” under my name? …wait :thinking:.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: the print must be super small …

Yeah way to close!!!

And to think we had at least 17 threads about please bring new dragons/new content we are bored :joy: Wth?

That is some pretty specific information… How can you be sure? AFAIK, PG has not said any of these things.

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Elemental barrier being turned red would still keep it an effective white spell :thinking:

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Right! Since it doesn’t bounce the elemental attacks back :laughing:

Pretty sure he was joking


Was a reference to sage, nothing more :joy: