Anyone want to Merge Teams?

Anyone want to Merge Teams? I’m looking for members and their friends!
Team: iIStormClaweIi
League: Silver 1, soon gold 5
Level: Any
Language: English
Time zone: Any
Age range: Any, preferably teenage

Thank you for merging with my team if you want to! Your more than welcome to!

Sent you an email

While I understand the desire to consolidate teams be very careful. I’ve been a part of 3 team merges and none of them ended well.

You need to carefully outline expectations and who will lead and so forth. How do you define good active members? What happens if a player misses and event or war run? Better to learn about what each side expects before tying the knot so to speak.

Just adding two teams together may not give you the desired result.


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Solo has collected a few small mergers and all the members are still around and enjoy it. Must be doing something right :man_shrugging:

Askkaii, good luck with a merger your way, but if you’d like SoloHunter’s doors are open.

Well good for them - but my points still stand. I’m not arguing that it is impossible to merge.

I’m saying like for anything else in life there are risks and benefits to a merge. after you have considered them them both go ahead and make a decision.

If seen a lot of pain with merges and I’m sure some have been successful. But if one isnt sure what success means for both groups then it might be best to consider that first.

This has been a PSA …

We’re in Gold 1 and would be happy to discuss a merge with y’all. Feel free to message me in game: GlitterXQueen

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