Anything “New” with New Lands?

Just wondering if there was any update on this or if this is just going to recycle as usual next season so we can have the usual unguarded, barely manned castles after the flurry of claiming castles? Thought this was going to be “new” and exciting thing but I guess not.


What if having guards actually had a purpose? Like maybe the New Lands are so treacherous that building guards on the castles are a MUST if you want to keep hold of it. Gradually guards drain if you don’t maintain (maybe by some kind of random assault). Like a hungry wild dragon that flies around just nomming. Random idea lol. But yeah, thise with no or little guards would lose the castles to the big scary dragon.

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So you like the idea of flying/winged lizards eating people(digital), your own species. :scream:



So what happens on day 1 of Atlas New Lands when all the bubbles are up, New Lands stays bubbled until event ends?

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