Anything other then base defense


newer play modes/options


Such as?


Well wars, events, even atlas is just dragons attacking a base, minus king of the hill a little with holding castles in atlas. But how about dragon(s) verses dragon(s) heads up, or rider(s) verse an opposing team’s dragon or verses other riders. I made a similar post before, but just wana nail the redundancey over the head, like war dragons does with base defense, being it’s the only concept in the game.


The main issue here is that you’re really talking about introducing entire new games, rather than new events or features.

Dragons vs dragons?
Not only is the game not designed for that, not only are spells and abilities not balanced for that, but unless you really add a flight-simulator element, there’s no real strategy to it. And that’s not a minor tweak, a different mode for attacking, or a novel event - that’s a whole game.

Riders vs dragons?
Riders are nothing but buffs. They’re basically glorified runes. So not only would you have to completely change what riders are, and what they can do, you’d have to give them ways of attacking and defending, their own health and attack, and again, introduce a whole new game that involved individual, human-sized figures moving around and fighting against massive, flying, spellcasting dragons.

Riders vs riders?
So again, you have all the same problems with making riders actual individuals, giving them stats and abilities, giving them mobility and animations, etc. And introducing a game that involves human-sized figures fighting each other with (presumably) a combination of magic spells and physical attacks (none of which currently exist).

I’m not saying those couldn’t be fun things, but they’re things that are so, so far outside the spectrum of reasonable additions to the game as to be entire other games.

I just don’t see a way to make any of them workable without breaking the current game (the way riders, dragons, spells work) and ignoring the current game (the thousands of issues that people want fixed, and the thousands of suggestions that people have for improving the existing system). If you do, though, I’m sure people would be happy to hear it.

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