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So what are your major gripes/problems with the breeding event specifically?

I mentioned a couple times that having a breeding + feeding event combined would be nice as you are using a lot of food during these breeding events and not getting anything (directly) for it. Only issue that I could see that would happening is that there is a “semi-famine” of food already during the breeding events. What would happen if you combine a “semi-famine” with the full blown famine of the feeding event lol? It might make breeding events even more of a struggle if you don’t have packs or stay up during the night and attack the Americans as their mills/farms get full.


The only improvement I can see to breeding events is tearing down the sapphire wall as described by TheRedDelilah, maybe cutting refresh time for the token missions as well the double up. But seriously the breeding event is fine the way it is.

Breed, feed, and fortify need no changes imo.


that’s my concern too, plus I kind of like “just” having to war, farm food, do token missions rather than the pretty massive time commitment these grinds called PVP’s take.


Then there’s the whole time issue if you’re breeding one dragon, then using that dragon as the parent of a second dragon…

yeah, that too. :slight_smile:

This last event I was able to breed and level Iteru, the parent I needed for Hauheset, who I was able to level enough to breed FrostBiter. If the event was any shorter I would have been stuck with just iteru.


Everything happens in the first 10 mins. I save speedups for fortification, so after 10 mins breeding is over and it’s my favorite event! Perhaps another distribution of sigils??? I’ll leave the tweeking to the more experienced. But at my lvl, around 200, it’s getting tedious. I get it, many don’t wanna mess with the status quo and get kind of aggressive at new suggestions. Yet I’m convinced as a community, we can optimize this event.

You did iteru Hau and frosty same event? :bowing_man:

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Lots of players do double breeds (or triple if you’re maxxoverkill lol) each event. So perhaps u need to work on earning more tokens between events and doing some double breeds?


Well some people need the time to level up new dragons to breedable to get another one. In the breeding event before this one that just happened, I got Ursa, got her breedable to get Icicle, then had to get Icicle breedable to get Ferga and Kyrule, then had to get Kyrule breedable to get Gloowclaw. This event was even more. So the time of these events shouldn’t change, spend the time to prepare for other events like farming chests, atlas etc.


Odin that’s next level :bowing_man:

Lol not really compared to some this last breeder that I heard of. But it was a little time consuming :joy: Atlas helps with leveling up dragons for sure though.

I actually am okay with three breeding event. Though it would be cool to take it out of the event cycle so we can breed when ever we want.

We’ve already told you dont touch breeding, it is fine as it is :beers::tipping_hand_man:

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The forum has spoken, leave the staple events alone, just find better ways to do PvP events and get rid of the junk ones. I haven’t found a single player that’s waiting for CtF ToW to start, everyone seems to loathe it.


How many times are you going to create a thread to change breeding? This is like the 4th one. Flagging for spam.


Add this to the FAQ Welcome to Forums! Lol this is turning out to be “bring back old divines,” or “Where are my silver chests?”

Maybe it’s different for higher leagues, but breeding is simply the worst for me. Done in 5-10 minutes, then 5 days of watching the timer tick down. Egg tokens aren’t really the problem… I could have easily double breeded this month as I’m on the Mune/Cerbero step and they level super quickly. But, that means this month I would have needed to get up to 108 in the next Fort event after blowing through 33 days of Mune/Cerbero incubation times. That wasn’t happening without a lot of rubies spent, and as an elite-only player that’s just not happening.

Like the Feed + Breed suggestion personally, Feeding comes around too infrequently anyways. Should be easy enough to balance the points out, and then I wouldn’t have to slum around with my lineage dragons at barely breedable for 6 weeks+.