Apologising as you release an event!?


Dear PG,
Sending an apology out to the players as we log in seriously isn’t good enough in my opinion.
You’ve been running fortification for several years now & to put an apologies up before an regular event is frankly shoddy & unsatisfactory.
It’s about time events like this weren’t affected by such tedious annoying problems after all this time.
It’s was bad enough last week, but this frankly is pathetic & insulting to your player base.
If your player happiness incentives are to work, it would be nice, if the game simply functioned the way we expect for the money we pay!

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It’s just apology for point delay. It’s not as if any point is missing.
It’s normal for “busy hour” like these… (I guess)


If you just wait like 10 minutes you’ll get all your points and junk. Chill out.


I upgraded my flak from 75 to 80… drained all my wood.

For 20 minutes I keep getting incoming attacks, everyone keeps taking my wood, I’m thinking, HOW??? I spent it all???


All wood gone. Level 80 tower back to 75. Yup, got screwed again, thanks PG :-1:


The pop-up message is not an apology. It is just letting players know that this is unfortunately what usually happens at the start of the event. This did not go out as quickly as we would have liked, which is why it came after the beginning of the event.

As I stated in another thread, point delays, while unfortunate, are fairly normal, and your points should appear within 10-15 mins.


My only complaint is the message pops every time I load the game. Once is enough please. :grin:


It should only pop up for the first three times you open the game after event launch.


Oh that’s good news. Last time there was a message like that I got it for the entirety of the event.

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Many players, who have been through at least one fort (though probably more, based on their avatars), go running to support because their points don’t immediately show up? Then complain about response times, when support gets flooded with tickets? It’s just a heads up your points may be delayed and not to freak out if they don’t immediately appear.


How about y’all just upgrade your servers to accommodate your player base…theres an improvement idea :man_shrugging:


The microscopic font was a bit tough for this old guy


Or even a crazier idea… use a cloud service, that can elastically scale up or out depending on the load! Like Amazon Web Services!
Wait a minute, they already…

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I do like those pop up messages though, it keeps us in the loop that everything is delayed at the start of every event so we wont have to make repetitive threads in the forums such as this :grin::grin::v:t2:


On my phone I can barely read those, so here’s my workaround:

  • make a screenshot
  • zoom in the image.

+1 Later I can use it to share in LINE with those who missed/skipped it, and also post in threads inspired by panic.

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You can always play another game 🤷


Well atleast PG gave us 4x wood productions. I have more wood then i can possibly need. I think that’s more of a way of saying sorry. Or at least to me.


I think you guys have done a lot of good things recently :clap:
Better changes for the game & players more in the last 6 months or so then in the entire time I’ve been playing! Keep it up :+1:

But no it’s not normal. I currently play other games too, with events some big ones with lots of online traffic in at specific times not one of those games do I experience problems during events like in WD.
I’m not saying there isn’t ever lag or bugs but nothing to the extent that I see every event with WD.
During PvP without fail every single time I load the event up I get my back points runs and immediately crashes, sync error. I load up event screen during that 5 days probably 100
Times so just that one example 100 sync errors during one event lol And that’s been going on 2+ months!
Making a warning sounds like basically saying we know it’s going to happen, we won’t be fixing it anytime soon but you’ve been
warned :flushed:
It may be normal in WD but it’s not normal in all games.


It did a couple times instead of one :woman_shrugging:t2:




Yes, this!! Then we get run around that we’ll get everything back and simply not true. Lost 50 days of timers also…