Apology Gift 5/10/18

All week I have been up and down these forums complaining and trying to get a response regarding my rider glory which was never credited to my account and about my support ticket which has not been responded to. I received an apology gift yesterday. Is this suppose to take the place of my rider glory? @PGDave @pgEcho

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I haven’t received any apology gifts although my defense rider earned zero glory from 67k troops lost in battle.

On top of that, some players were credited instant-summon troops during last troop building but my support agent also did not credit me any troops.

There is already another thread where admins said they are looking into crediting the lost glory automatically but it’s still unfair that some players are receiving reimbursements and apology gifts and others aren’t!


Yea keep sending them tickets, I got an apology gift within hours of my ticket.

Im kind of afraid to even attack again cause of all this bugs.

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I believe I read Echo say that (at least for the defense rider), if you remove the dragon from the perch, exit, and drop the dragon back on, you will not miss any additional glory on that rider.

As for getting glory credited for the other riders, although you cannot tell how much glory was defensive and how much was offensive, the problem started with the Atlas season, so you do have the meter that tells you the total amount of glory you have received. You should be able to use that to make your case.

It is also possible that it is not something the helpdesk can assist with and that we will all need to wait until the bug is fixed before PG retroactively applies the lost glory. I do not know. This seems at least plausible to me.

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Well what happened to me was a bit different, I attacked with my rusher and sieger. To begin with my rushers trap feature wasn’t working at all. Than after I attacked and got about 5k glory, the attack didn’t count/register, second try same result, they ended up attacking me and of course, their attacks did count right away and I lost everything for a total of 500 glory.

P.S This was a single attack done by me, it was not a big battle where attacks are often known to glitch out and not register.

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I joined another atlas attack yesterday and I did get glory for that. I am only a level 178 so most of my attacks or glory is with my rusher so base rider because I’m usually the one getting attacked. So taking the rider of perch and putting it back did work for new glory but my missing glory is at-least 20k that’s why I’m bugging that is a few levels on my new perch rider.

I sent a ticket about missing glory a week or more ago, and it was closed with no resolution, so I sent another one during the last Atlas event, since it had to do with rider glory, asking them to give me the credit, and it was done within a day. I also received the apology gift… I think that was for everyone.

Whatever happened, I believe they can restore missing gp now, so if your ticket was closed I would send another. Oh, and I used “please” and “thank you.” :grin:

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You only get glory as the primary attacker. The GUI makes it seem like glory was rewarded as backup, but it doesn’t.

You can’t get glory using someone else’s troops. You must be the primary attacker and have troops on a primarch attacking someone else who has troops on a primarch or castle guard.

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Oh no what I meant was as a group we went to someone’s land to protect it so essentially I joined my group.I did not glory hunt alone. I do appreciate the information.

Ok so my ticket is still open. I responded to it thanked them for the gift and expressed still wanting my glory and ended with please
please :heavy_check_mark:
thank you :heavy_check_mark:
:pray: hopefully it works!

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When I got the gp credit it popped up with a notice 1st thing when I logged in. Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

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@AphroditeTG I believe the apology gift from yesterday was a belated one for Atlas lag issues that missed a few Android users. PGEcho is still working on the Glory issues and should hopefully have an update sometime next week.


What about refunds of lost troops due to cheaters taking them out?
Were they automatically added to our barracks and I missed it or are refund gifts yet to come?
Because some players had received instant troop summons during the last troop building event and some have not.

Support is not retroactively issuing credits for Troops lost to banned players, and we have no plans to do so on a global scale. It is impossible to accurately roll back all of the effects of these players without further negatively affecting the current layout of Atlas. Without the proper context, I can’t speak with certainty to what that the credits you’re alluding to were for since many issues are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Fair enough, thanks for the info.
Guess I’ll need to refresh my tickets then to finally get my troops back that were wiped by cheaters.

@PGEggToken eventually you could look into my ticket #1149553 in which I was told:

“Unfortunately, we still do not have any update on the compensation regarding the matter. But, we can assure you that once we received an update, we will definitely let everyone know. What we could suggest for now is to wait for the official announcement or keep an eye on the Forums regarding this.”

If others get compensation on a case-by-case basis, I hope I’ll be treated the same as others.

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