Apology Gift 7/12/18


Not true. You told us earlier today you fell asleep for 6 minutes or so. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s beyond the scope of individual support agents. Trying to audit whether or not a specific person was impacted by this would take some time. Also, different players were impacted to different degrees. Multiply this by the number of people impacted and we’re talking months of individual audits. Had we the tools to do this quickly and efficiently on a case-by-case basis we would be doing so.


Is it outside the realm of possibility / probability that such tools be developed? It seems like they could make your team’s job easier in several situations. Think of the ability to quickly respond to incidents requiring an audit.

I get an image of you guys having to look through the equivalent of my network firewall logs line by line for so many events rather than having some intrusion detection software with reporting capabilities. I hope for you and your team’s sake, I am wrong.

Maybe do a cost benefit analysis to show the bean counters that this might actually increase revenue by keeping us scurvy buggers happier and you guys more efficient and likely happier too?


When people mention lack of tools, I imaging people poring through text logs and spreadsheets :rofl:


:joy: This comment suddenly remided me of a scene in an audio book I listened to fairly recently. These two characters were pouring through several suitcases worth of ledgers to basically find a missing $10 in their company’s finances when the company made hundreds of thousands of dollars that were perfectly accounted for. The characters actually got into a little competition to see who could figure out where the missing money was first :slight_smile:


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