Apology gift failure

Really PG? While I realize that the problems you had stemmed from your service provider, those problems screwed a large majority of your player base. This apology gift is a slap in our face. It’s like you guys doled out what you thought the absolute minimum you thought you could get away with.

Some players and teams are still dealing with the reverberations of all of the issues last week. This ‘apology’ conveys just how much we’re valued. :confused:


NOT sending an apology gift at all would have been equivalent to sending this one.


It’s PG, you do realize how much pain these pixels caused the finance department?


Not sending one and blaming it on circumstances they couldn’t control would be better.



While 1/4 good playable days frustrated people , made them not enter more after many failures overall…
from your side as PG i expected far more then this !!!

I often say it when something is clearly misjudged… if people really play War Dragons or just sit at there table and dont really… because cmon… its heavier to earn prizes and sigils after that failures…

You as PG should give people better compensation then that ! Really, i dont know if you should cry or laugh about something like that ! We people got overstressed extremely!

  • decrease points… or add better prizes on it …
    Example … : IF- Energiepacks - Sigils , something what compensate the loose of points and time for the people !!

Btw… This TeamGauntlet event is the WORST for teams to earn max teamprizes… it has too many disadvantages you still didnt fixed for “balance” …

Really hope you try more … this was not a nice offer… as the special offers wasnt nice too… specially that for 8k rubins…


The “gift” is unbelievably insulting. After this I’ll be asking support to take the items back. I unequivocally and completely reject the apology. In particular because it’s so completely insincere.

Am I shooting myself in the foot? Yes. But I’d rather do that than even tacitly accept this :poop:


Yeap this is very insulting. I lost 24 hours of team bonus. That includes egg tokens and troops lost. Troops lost not being able to defend because of no defend banners.


A legit apology would be some sigils.
The sigil stinginess is so obvious lol


It took about five minutes for the chests in my apology gift to even show up in the armory. :man_facepalming:t2:

I discussed it with my team and we feel that 5k sigils to each player would be acceptable.


We lost a war and almost lost a castle thanks to these issues, and on a personal level I had to leave my team to give the team we were at war with five free flames and lose atlas bonuses and the atlas team prize, and this is the compensation for that.

Absolute madness.


@Arelyna How did you “resolve these issues”? I still don’t have team chat.

Unless you are calling “quit your team and join again” the final and only solution :thinking:


That is currently the only solution. :woman_shrugging:t2:

rubies or sigils would have been better


I agree with all above, this was not an apology gift, it was an insult that doesnt even come close to making up for what many people lost. We lost wars and troops, many lost castles. There werent even egg tokens added in to make up for what was lost. This is just the same generic apology gift they gave out last time. And Im sure if we do even get one for the event and start of season issues it’ll again be the exact same thing or less.

Apology not accepted, literally zero effort was put into this.


Let’s see.

We’re out roughly two days of a five-day cycle.

And that five-day cycle should provide half the sigils for people seeking to get the discount dragon.

And the discount dragon costs 15k sigils.

So half of that is 7.5k sigils.

And 2/5 of that is 3k sigils.

Which means that 3k sigils would be a reasonable bare minimum compensation for this screw-up, let alone an actual apology.

And of course, don’t forget that the chat and war and castle issues cost plenty of teams far more than just that.


Keep in mind, this is the “Year of the player”. Let that sink in for a bit.


So u grab my solution and no thank you? And u give whack gifts :angry: and u said yall found the solution? Yet ive been posting on the forums while u all was off and that same night! Take credit for what others find works to fix what a crock


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You can’t make this stuff up


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